Fans of the cancelled ABC show “FLASHFORWARD” staged their own “blackout” yesterday to protest the show not being picked up for a second season. 

Fans gathered at ABC studios and affiliates all over the world to stage their own 2 minute and 17 second “blackout”.  On the ABC series, the entire world blacks out for 2 minutes and 17 seconds and sees part of their future. 

Burbank, CA blackout


Event organizer Anna Moya said, “We arent done. FLASHFORWARD  has only been off the air for 2 weeks, and we have done this much already, but still ABC has given us no response to any of our questions. The close to a response to the “Blackouts” and the 20,000 bracelets that were sent is that today, ABC removed the front page to their FlashForward website, which is curious to say the least (

Toronto blackout

We have a lot more planned (today we stage an Online blackout, asking everyone to repeatedly update their twitter and FB status and tagging ABC).We are going to be partnering soon with the Red Panda Network, so that we can join our campaign for a TV show with something that is beneficial to all (there are reasons we chose the Red Panda Network that we cant talk about yet, but they are relevant to ABC).

Burbank, CA Blackout

 We understand that our chances are slim, but at the very least, we are trying to get ABC to understand they can not broadcast amazing shows for a season, cancel because they dont make enough money, and expect people to stick around for the next show they will take of the air. “
For more information on how you can get involved, check out

Fans at Chicago blackout