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Love Songs, Crawl In The Bathtub and Slit Your Wrists, Love Songs

Love Songs, Crawl In The Bathtub and Slit Your Wrists, Love Songs

It is a beautiful day, the sun is shining and you are having a good day. Then you turn on the radio and the DJ plays THAT song the one that breaks your heart. All those memories come back.  The song takes you a way. That day, that feeling, that person. It’s a Love Song.

Doctor Who Fan Video by on YouTube


"The Doctor, the Widow and the Wardrobe"

"The Doctor, the Widow and the Wardrobe" Christmas 2011

After a Doctor Who dry spell Whovians are looking forward to this years Christmas special. The past Christmas specials have been excellent. Steven Moffat has a huge job. Whovians are excited and can’t wait for Santa and “The Doctor, the Widow and the Wardrobe” on Christmas day.

I am excited to see how former Doctor Who writer Douglas Adams and author of the “Hitchhikers Guide To The Universe” is worked into the story. Maybe The Doctor brings a towel.

This is their second Christmas together, Moffat, Smith and the Doctor. Where previous show runner Russell T. Davies, who revived the series after a 16-year hiatus, liked to get epic at year’s end — “The Voyage of the Damned” was a full-on disaster movie, “The End of Time” was the swan song both for Tennant and for Davies himself — Moffat keeps things intimate and domestic and dressed for the holiday. Last year’s special used “A Christmas Carol” as a model — you could tell that from its title, “A Christmas Carol” — and this year the writer turns toward C.S. Lewis.

Like Lewis’ “The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe,” Moffat’s “The Doctor, the Widow and the Wardrobe” — something of a giveaway, again — is set during World War II and concerns children evacuated to a country house, where a “dimensional portal thingy” leads to a wooded world all covered in snow. (And Lewis’ description of heaven as a place that grows larger the further in you go has always reminded me of the Tardis, the Doctor’s bigger-on-the-inside time machine.)

For the detailed review with major spoilers click here.


Sat. 12/24 day long Doctor Who marathon

5pm pacific Doctor Who “Best of the Christmas Specials”

6pm pacific The Nerdist: Year In Review  with Matt Smith

7pm pacific Matt Smith on The Graham Norton Show

9:30pm pacific Doctor Who “Best of the Christmas Specials”

10:30pm pacific The Nerdist: Year In Review with Matt Smith

11:30pm pacific Matt Smith on The Graham Norton Show


1am Doctor Who Marathon continues

List includes “The Doctor’s Wife” and “The Wedding of River Song”

6pm pacific  *****THE 2011 CHRISTMAS SPECIAL*****

8pm pacific  repeat of *****THE 2011 CHRISTMAS SPECIAL*****  “The Doctor, the Widow and the Wardrobe”

The Doctor Who marathon continues with the last episode “Christmas Invasion” with Ten at 2am pacific time.








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It makes me want to scream when someone says “reached out” instead of called or contacted. Sadly it didn’t make the list. “Reaching out” is used in ridiculous ways. Goodness, the garbage company sent a letter that they were reaching out to customers about changing the freaking garbage cans.
You reach out to a victim. You call a freaking garbage company customers.

It’s that time of the year, again!  It’s time for The Marist Poll to reveal the word or phrase considered to be the most annoying in casual conversation.  And, for the third consecutive year, “whatever” receives the dubious honor.  Nearly four in ten adults nationally — 38% — say “whatever” grates on their nerves the most.


“Like” one in five — 20% — say that verbal filler is the most irritating. ‘Like’ was also #2 on the list last year. 19% despise “you know.”  “Just sayin’” gets on the nerves of 11% of the population compared with 7% who report “seriously” should be banned from casual conversation.  Five percent are unsure. Read more.

Click Here for Complete December 16, 2011 USA Marist Poll Release and Tables

Your music emergency is just a phone call away.

Just dial 719-26-OATES (local rates apply). With the touch of a button, you can listen to “One on One,” “Rich Girl,” “Maneater,” or “Private Eyes” over the phone. Any time you want.

You can also follow the company on Twitter at @CallinOates.



CFM Entertainment News

CFM Entertainment News




It’s 2am, you are alone, you turn on the radio and there he is, a DJ playing “Love Songs”.   His deep voice saying, “Love songs, all night long, love songs.”
Then he plays THAT song. The one that rips into to you.
What do we hear that deep voice saying? “Love songs, crawl in the bathtub and slit your wrists, love songs.”



Love Songs, Crawl In The Bathtub and Slit Your Wrists, Love Songs CFM Entertainment News

CFM Entertainment News

Cast : Matt Smith, Imogen Poots, Lindsay Duncan, Perry Millward, Toby Jones, Pip Carter, Alexander Doetsch , Faolan Morgan, Faolan Morgan, Issy Van Randwyck, Clare Louise Connolly, Maggie Hayes, Maggie Hyes, Iddo …

Excerpt from:
Watch movie Online » Christopher and His Kind 2010 Hollywood …

YouTube hit a whopping 1,000,000,000,000 views. That is 140 views for every person on Earth. YouTube has released their statistics for the most-viewed videos of 2011 and it’s no surprise who earned the number one spot.

How I missed seeing some of these is a mystery!

“2011 was a year of amazing new channels and new stars being discovered, awesome creativity, and of course, Rebecca Black,” writes Kevin Allocca, YouTube Trends Manager. “It was also a year of powerful news stories playing out on YouTube, as people witnessed and documented uprisings and natural disasters, touching personal moments and moments of protest.”

YouTube Rewind Video 2011

YouTube put this short video together of the top 2011 videos.

Scroll down and watch the top ten videos for 2011.

10.) Cat mom hugs baby kitten
9.) The Force: Volkswagen Commercial
8.) Maria Aragon – Born This Way (Cover) by Lady Gaga
7.) The Creep (feat. Nicki Minaj & John Waters)
6.) Look At Me Now – Chris Brown ft. Lil Wayne, Busta Rhymes (Cover by @KarminMusic)
5.) Nyan Cat [original]
4.) Talking Twin Babies – OFFICIAL VIDEO
3.) Jack Sparrow (feat. Michael Bolton)
2.) Ultimate Dog Tease
1.) Rebecca Black – Friday (OFFICIAL VIDEO)

Number Ten Most Viewed YouTube Videos In 2011

Top Video 2011 #10.) Cat mom hugs baby kitten

Top Video 2011 #9.) The Force: Volkswagen Commercial  American Doctor Who fans will recognize this commercial. It was played so often it got to be annoying!


Top Video 2011 #8.) Maria Aragon – Born This Way (Cover) by Lady Gaga



Top Video 2011 #7.) The Creep (feat. Nicki Minaj & John Waters)

Embedding disabled by request
The 2nd Single from The Lonely Island’s upcoming 2nd album! Featuring Nicki Minaj and John Waters! The Lonely Island is Andy Samberg, Akiva Schaffer & Jorma Taccone. As seen on Saturday Night Live (SNL Digital Short)


Top Video 2011 #6.) Look At Me Now – Chris Brown ft. Lil Wayne, Busta Rhymes (Cover by @KarminMusic)



Top Video 2011 #5.) Nyan Cat [original] Almost as annoying as the Hamster Dance.



Top Video 2011 #4.) Talking Twin Babies – OFFICIAL VIDEO



Top Video 2011 #3.) Jack Sparrow (feat. Michael Bolton) NOT the radio version. Contains swear words.



Top Video 2011 #2.) Ultimate Dog Tease

1.) Rebecca Black – Friday (OFFICIAL VIDEO)

Best video comment on the Number One Video of 2011:

Lady Gaga taught me Its okay to be different
Ke$ha taught me to be myself and not care what anyone else thinks
Bruno Mars taught me to do anything for that one person I love
Eminem taught me that life is hard but you can make it through.
Travis taught me how to be generous.
Taylor Swift taught me not every guy/girl is going to treat me right.
Michael Jackson taught me to always love the people around me.
The most important thing of all:
Rebecca Black taught be the days of the week




by Suzanne Philips.  Photos copyright EVPS.
Join Ben Hansen, Travis Hill, David Dossett and Others for The 2012 Las Vegas Paracon and Investigation of Bonnie Springs Ranch. There will be Guest Speakers, Ghost Hunting Products and equipment and lots of Food, Drink and Adventure!The 2012 Las Vegas Paracon will be held in the rustic Bonnie Springs Ranch, nestled in the most picturesque of settings. This location is simply breath taking.


Bonnie Springs Ranch

This town has it all! The town has a Wax Museum, Opera House and Saloon, in addition to a Wedding Chapel, Old Mill and a quaint School House. There are numerous antiques from the period lining the town streets. The popular Paranormal show “Ghost Adventures” did a show at Bonnie Springs Ranch in Season 4 of their show and found some really interesting evidence!

You will have the opportunity to stroll the town, and visit it’s treasures, but be careful, the occasional gunfight has been known to happen.

Events for the weekend will include:
August 31st
We will begin the evening with a Mixer in the Bonnie Springs Saloon, where you will have the chance to mingle with Ben Hansen of Fact or Faked-Paranormal Files, Travis Hill of Psychic Kids, and David Dossett Actor and Paranormal Investigator, and Others while enjoy Food and Libations until 10:00pm.

"Fact of Faked's" Ben Hansen

September 1st
As gates open at Bonnie Springs Ranch, you will enjoy Celebrity Speakers, in the Opera House as they share their personal experiences of the Paranormal. You can learn their techniques and ask the questions you’ve always wanted to ask a professional Investigator.

The Saloon Annex will host a large Paranormal Vendor Hall, where you can catch up with old friends, while learning about the latest Paranormal Gadgets our field has to offer.


David M Dossett

You will have the opportunity to Explore Bonnie Springs Ranch, as well as take part in the activities of the day. Gunfights, Hangings, or take in the latest show in the Saloon Theater!


Travis Hill

We will be putting together a Paranormal Swag Bag(Gift Bag) for all who attend, and will have goodies from Elite Vegas Paranormal and Others that wish to contribute.

Hotel accommodations will be available at Bonnie Springs Hotel, next door to Bonnie Springs Ranch! There will be a discount for Paracon Attendees!
Ticket will be available through soon!

Prices are as follows:$120 Per Person – Includes All Access Pass to all events at Bonnie Springs Ranch, Speakers, Vendor Hall, and Bonnie Springs Ranch Celebrity Investigation.( Space is limited for the Investigation).

$100 Per Person – Includes Access Pass to all events at Bonnie Springs Ranch, Speakers, Vendor Hall.

$100 Per Vendor Table + $25 Per Person- Includes Vendor Pass to all events at Bonnie Springs Ranch, Speakers, (Vendor Hal), and Bonnie Springs Ranch Celebrity Investigation. (Space is limited for the Investigation).

$50 Per Person for late add-ons for the Investigation (If space is available).

For more information on this great paranormal event, check out the official Facebook page at!/events/246534465409863/   as they will have updates on how to get tickets and more information as the event draws closer.  Stay tuned to CFM for more updates as they become available and check back each month for profiles on the Paranormal Guests who will be attending the event.

Article by Suzanne Philips,photo copyright Harper Collins

In 1990, Anthony Zuiker was just another Hollywood wannabe—a balding, overweight guy driving a tram in Las Vegas for eight bucks an hour, telling his friends about the screenplay he was writing, dreaming of fame. He’d grown up in Vegas, where his mother worked the blackjack table at a casino, while his father flitted back and forth from investment schemes that didn’t seem to go anywhere. His friends figured Anthony wouldn’t either.

But twenty years later, Zuiker stands as the mastermind behind the most popular television show in history, CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, and its spin-offs: CSI: Miami and CSI: NY. How he got there—a remarkable rise from nothing to something—is the narrative lifeblood of Mr. CSI, only, like the show itself, there’s a catch:

On a January morning in 2005, Zuiker got a call from the Las Vegas Police Department while he was working at his desk on a script for CSI: NY. His estranged father, whom Zuiker hadn’t seen for a decade, had put a shotgun in his mouth and pulled the trigger.

So begins Mr. CSI, a book that frames Zuiker’s astonishing ascendency to fame and fortune with an unsettling and honest appraisal of his father’s suicide. It’s a book that uses the conventions that have made CSI a worldwide success to tell a far more personal story, of what one man left behind in his success and what he gained when he returned.

One might assume that Mr. CSI would be a “how-to” book of sorts on how to get a television show made or how to achieve your goals. While the book is that to some extent, it is also so much more.  Zuiker’s journey to come to grips with his tumultuous relationship with his estranged father is prominent throughout the book and is told in a sort of “no holds barred” style that is both refreshing and endearing.  You can feel the pain and resignation that Zuiker feels over that relationship come across the page.  Kudos to Mr. Zuiker for putting it all out there for the world to read. 

The book is also a fascinating look at what goes into making a successful television franchise.  It’s refreshing to see the world of Hollywood from a newcomers point of view – the reader feels like they are going through part of the ups and downs with Zuiker.

Mr. CSI will certainly be a delight for fans of the shows, but is also a lovely look into family dynamics and how to make peace with your past. 

Look for Mr. CSI in your local booksellers or find it online at




Britain's Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osborne (C), Doctor Who actor Matt Smith (2nd L) and former Spice Girls singer Geri Halliwell (4th R) with guests during the Chancellor's annual Christmas party at 11 Downing Street on December 14, 2011 in London, England

Britain's Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osborne (C), Doctor Who actor Matt Smith (2nd L) and former Spice Girls singer Geri Halliwell (4th R) with guests during the Chancellor's annual Christmas party at 11 Downing Street on December 14, 2011 in London, England

Face-painting, balloon animals and games were all on hand for the kids.

Geri, 39, looked respectable in a white blazer with a matching skirt, her strawberry blonde hair loose.

Matt played it safe in a black suit with a blue shirt and tie.

Chancellor of the Exchequer, George Osborne, was also there.

Read more here.

Article by Suzanne Philips, photo copyright Syfy.

Syfy has re-upped its frightening docudrama series Paranormal Witness for a second season, it was announced today by Mark Stern, President Original Content, Syfy and Co-Head, Original Content, Universal Cable Productions. Production on the twelve-episode pick-up order has commenced and the series is currently scheduled to premiere in August 2012. Paranormal Witness is produced by Raw TV (Locked Up Abroad and Gold Rush Alaska). Executive producers are Dimitri Doganis and Bart Layton.

Paranormal Witness ranked as one of the top 10 new original cable series in the fourth quarter of 2011 among adults 18-49 (#7) and was Syfy’s top unscripted non-franchise first season series ever among adults18-49, adults 25-54 and total viewers.

“Paranormal Witness is an edge-of-your-seat television experience and we’re thrilled that viewers made it a standout hit for us this fall,” said Stern. “We look forward to working with Dimitri and Bart as we showcase another terrifying round of true-life hauntings.”

“We’re thrilled this series is returning; we think it is unlike anything else out there. The stories are totally gripping, visually arresting and genuinely very scary. We approach these shows as individual horror movies. We love making them and we’re convinced the series will continue to grow from its highly successful first season,” said Layton and Doganis.

In its debut season, which premiered September 7 at 10/9c PM, Paranormal Witness averaged a 1.3 household rating (990,000 adults 18-49, 980,000 adults 25-54 and 1.7 million total viewers.) The series experienced consistent week-to-week growth throughout the season among adults18-34 and adults18-49.

Paranormal Witness is a tense, filmic, high-octane drama-documentary series that brings to life the real stories of people who have lived through paranormal experiences that defy explanation. Using a mixture of intimate first-hand testimony, actual footage and gritty realistic drama, Paranormal Witness transports viewers into a world turned upside-down by extraordinary, terrifying and sometimes life-threatening paranormal events.

The second season of Paranormal Witness will premiere in August 2010 on Syfy.

GLaDOS Talking Potato: Portal 2 PotatOS Science Project Kit

GLaDOS Talking Potato: Portal 2 PotatOS Science Project Kit

In Portal 2 an evil computer and show-stealer GLaDOS gets turned into a potato-powered science fair project. Now you can have the experience of running around while being berated by an inert tuber with a blinking light stuck to it with the PotatOS from


Intro: (Plays when you first connect the electrodes to the potato)

“Oww! You stabbed me. What is wrong with… whoooaaahh…. hold on, do you have a multi-meter? Never-mind, it feels like I’m outputting an extra half volt. Keep an eye on me, I’m going to do some scheming, here I go…. FFSSZZZTT. Whoa, where are we? How long have I been out? Did anything happen while I was out?”

Order PototOS on

The Quotes below play randomly upon button press.

“That extra half volt helps but it isn’t going to power miracles. If I think too hard I’m going to fry this potato before we get a chance to burn up in the atomic fireball that little idiot is going…. FFSSZZZTT.”
“Look! This place is going to blow up if I don’t get back in my body.”
“Listen to me. We had a lot of fun testing and antagonizing each other and yes sometimes it went too far. But we’re off the clock now, it’s just us talking, like regular people… and this is no Joke. We are in deep trouble.”
“Look, I don’t like this any more than you do. In fact I like it less because I’m the one that got partially eaten by a bird… I think I hear the bird! Pick me up!”
“In case you were wondering. Yes, I’m still a potato.”
“Yes sir Mr. Johnson.”
“CLAP CLAP CLAP. Oh good! My slow-clap processor made it into this thing. So we have that.”
“Yeah! Take the lemons! Burn his house down! Yeah, yeah, yeah yeah! Oh I like this guy! Burning people… he says what we’re all thinking!”
“Go on. Get a big fat eye-full, with your big fat eyes. That’s right. A potato just called your eyes “fat”… Now your fat eyes have seen everything.”

Video: Pacman Christmas Tree

Pacman Christmas tree

Pacman Christmas Tree in

This has gotta be the coolest Christmas tree I think I’ve ever seen. Pac-Man and his ghostly pals have been reproduced in this giant holiday light display.
The “tree” features a fully-animated version of the classic arcade game, rendered across thousands of colored LEDs.

This awesome Pac-Man Christmas Tree can be seen at Nuevos Ministerios in Madrid, Spain.


Glee Christmas Album Vol 2 Cover photo

Glee Christmas Album Vol 2

Glee Christmas Album Vol 2

Review By Subhadra Devan

The cast of the hit TV show Glee leads the band of Yuletide music this year, writes Subhadra Devan

FANS of the hit TV show Glee, should give Glee: The Music: The Christmas Album Vol.2 a moment of wonder. This album has two originals — Extraordinary Merry Christmas, a dance-pop number, and Christmas Eve With You, a pop-country number

Other songs are Santa Baby in the commercial voice of Naya Rivera (Santana), Let It Snow (a boring duet by Darren Criss (Blaine) and Chris Colfer (Kurt) and a high-schoolish Glee rendition of the Geldof et al’s Do They Know It’s Christmas.

Outstanding are Mariah Carey’s All I Want For Christmas by Amber Riley (Mercedes) because her voice suits the song, and Christmas Wrapping by Heather Morris (Brittany), a rippin’ dance-pop number.

Glee Project’s Lindsay Pearce and Alex Newell duet well on Do You Hear What I Hear?, giving it a Broadway sound.

Lea Michele on Joni Mitchell’s River is a big disappointment as she seems to lack vocal depth for the emotion in the song. But kudos for bringing the song, of suffering a loss when others are celebrating, to a new audience.
[hana-code-insert name=’glee Chrismas Album’ /]

Read the rest of the review here.


doctor who,Dr.Who,Karen Gillan,the doctor,amy pond,amy pond actress,Doctor Who cast, dr who characters,River Song,Alex Kingston,Matt Smith,Arthur Darvill,Rory Williams,Caitlin Blackwood,Daisy Lowe,tenza,cybermmats

Best reason to by Doctor Who Series 6. The title "First Night" River and The Doctor is enough to make me swallow my own tongue.

Doctor Who has topped this year’s iTunes television downloads in the US.

The sixth series of the BBC production was the most downloaded television show of 2011, ahead of Modern Family.

[hana-code-insert name=’Pre Order DVD’ /]

“This is incredibly exciting news,” said Doctor Who lead writer and executive producer Steven Moffat. “It’s an honor to be on the same list as all those shows, let alone at the very top.

“And for a British show to have achieved this in the US is absolutely remarkable. Next, the universe!”
[hana-code-insert name=’Police Box’ /]
Read more here.

Late night crawl in the bathtub and slit your wrists… Love Songs.
Everyone has “the one” that comes to mind when you hear this kind of song. It immediately takes to you some painful part of yourself.
Was it really as good as you remember?  Probably.
This perfect PMS & chocolate song.

I remember you said, “Sometimes it lasts in love but sometimes it hurts instead”

When people hear good music, it makes them homesick for something they never had, and never will have.~Ed Howe
Band Venue List CFM Entertainment News


Lindsay Lohan as Marilyn Monroe

The photos of Lindsay Lohan as a Marilyn Monroe pinup look strange, especially her legs, on the cover. They have a weird shape. The photo on the left reportedly taken after the photo shoot show a much curvier less deformed looking Lohan. Her rear end has been downsized considerably for the highly stylized pin up photos.

Lindsay Lohan is a beautiful woman and I don’t understand why the photos were so heavily Photoshopped.

See some of the Lindsay Lohan Marilyn Monroe Style Pinup Photos Leaked From Playboy here

The leaked photos of Lindsay Lohan’s Playboy spread were found on a peer to peer network. The alleged hacker says he is responsible for leaking them but not taking them from Playboy. According to the Daily Mail.

Lindsay Lohan’s nude photo shoot as a Marlyn Monroe pin up was supposed to be released as the January/February issue of Playboy next week.

You can get the entire photo layout of Lilo here.

Purchase the pinup for your wall, you know you want one at newsstands.


“Virtual Virgin” continues the adventures of Paranormal Investigator Delilah Street in continuation of popular book series.


Article by Suzanne Philips, photo copyright Simon and Schuster



For a red-blooded male, Las Vegas offers a virtual smorgasbord of temptation: sexy showgirls, vampy vampires, zombie starlets, you name it. But paranormal investigator Delilah Street isn’t worried about losing her man to these vixens. Especially when the one woman with a soft spot for the guy also has a hard-shelled exterior. . . .

She’s a robot—or a CinSim, to be exact—a near-perfect simulation of the silver-metal robot Maria from the classic science fiction movie Metropolis. Part innocent teenage actress, part depraved sex goddess, the new Maria is hooked on Delilah’s partner, Ric, who raised her from the dead. She also happens to be the perfect secret weapon for a demonic drug lord. Which could be one hell of a problem. Delilah’s not the jealous type, but this tin-can temptress must be stopped—even if it forces Delilah to forge a dangerous alliance with her wicked mirror-twin, Lilith. If robo-girl goes ballistic, every player in Vegas loses.

“Virtual Virgin” is the fifth book in the popular Delilah Street: Paranormal Investigator series by author Carol Nelson Douglas.  Filled with action, this fast-paced book quickly draws readers into Delilah’s world.  The dialogue is snappy and intelligent and the characters are fascinating.    For those fans of the paranormal that enjoy fiction, this book is a must read. 

“Virtual Virgin” is published by Simon and Schuster and retails for $7.99 in paperback.  Check your local bookseller to get your copy or log onto

I was contacted by a person that could not get this website to show up. A little bit of investigating on my part turned up the reason. This puny little nothing site had been blocked in France. I have no idea why. Maybe for the subversive cute cat videos or diabolical Doctor Who photos.

The US Congress is considering America’s first system for censoring the Internet.

Despite public outcry, the Internet Censorship bill could pass at any time.

If it does, the Internet and free speech will never be the same.

Learn more about the US efforts to block websites here.

At least 25 countries around the world block websites for political, social or other reasons as governments seek to assert authority over a network meant to be borderless.
China, Iran, Myanmar, Syria, Tunisia and Vietnam had the most extensive filters for political sites. Iran, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Tunisia, the United Arab Emirates and Yemen had the strictest social-filtering practices, blocking pornography, gambling and gay and lesbian sites.





Lindsay Lohan nude photos from Playboy.

These are not "money shot" photos they are tame by Playboy standards. There are nipples in the photos. The

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The photos should be better. Something about them doesn’t look right. In some of the photos her lips are so large she looks like a blow up doll. You can read the article by using the enlarge feature.

Lindsay Lohan Nipple Slip Wardrobe Malfunction Photos

These are not the “money shots” those in the Playboy magazine that comes out next week. Lindsay Lohan nude photos nipples only.

Click HERE if you want to see some of  the pinup photos more photos can be found at Playboy

Get the wall pinups from the magazine on newsstands now.

She is naked and you will see nipples! Don’t click if you are underage. The HOT! photos will be released in the January/February issue. “Because of the interest & the internet leak, we’re releasing the Lindsay Lohan issue early,” Hefner said on Twitter, adding: “Lindsay Lohan was the top search name on the internet yesterday. “Hot. Hot. Hot,” tweeted Hefner, announcing that the next issue of the magazine will come out next week.
For more photos go to

No word on whether or not the squirrel was suspended.

Starring: Michael Sheen, Andrea Riseborough, Iwan Rheon, Stanislav Ianevski, Kimberley Nixon, Tom Wlaschiha, Anatole Taubman, Alexander Doetsch , Sharon Morgan, Matt Hookings, Mossie Smith, Jassa Ahluwalia, George Taylor, Tomos …

Read more here:
Resistance (2011) DvDRip xvid-MAX for free 1 link Download …