Doctor Who Christmas 2011 BBCA Events Schedule

Sat. 12/24 day long Doctor Who marathon

5pm pacific Doctor Who “Best of the Christmas Specials”

6pm pacific The Nerdist: Year In Review  with Matt Smith

7pm pacific Matt Smith on The Graham Norton Show

9:30pm pacific Doctor Who “Best of the Christmas Specials”

10:30pm pacific The Nerdist: Year In Review with Matt Smith

Like “Whatever” Is The Most Annoying Word of 2011. Seriously. You Know. I Am Just Saying.

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It makes me want to scream when someone says “reached out” instead of called or contacted. Sadly it didn’t make the list. “Reaching out” is used in ridiculous ways. Goodness, the garbage company sent a letter that they were reaching out to customers about changing the freaking garbage cans.
You reach out to a victim.

Crawl In The Bath Tub and Slit Your Wrists, Love Songs Julio Iglesias – To All The Girls I Loved Before [feat. Willie Nelson]

It’s 2am, you are alone, you turn on the radio and there he is, a DJ playing “Love Songs”.   His deep voice saying, “Love songs, all night long, love songs.”
Then he plays THAT song. The one that rips into to you.
What do we hear that deep voice saying? “Love songs, crawl in the bathtub and slit your wrists,

Videos: Ten Most Viewed YouTube Videos In 2011

YouTube hit a whopping 1,000,000,000,000 views. That is 140 views for every person on Earth. YouTube has released their statistics for the most-viewed videos of 2011 and it’s no surprise who earned the number one spot.

How I missed seeing some of these is a mystery!

“2011 was a year of amazing new channels and new stars being discovered,

Glee Christmas Album Vol 2 Cover photo

Glee: The Music, The Christmas Album Volume 2 Review

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