Meet new boy band IM5! IM5 are a talented up and coming boy band. Yes, they are known as a boy band and aren’t afraid to admit it. IM5 proved they are  gifted artists.



The young boy band performed at the Game Changers concert for at Victoria Gardens on September 28, 2013.


Perez Hilton (blogger) ; Simon Fuller and Jamie King created the boy band. IM5 members are Will Behlendor (17), Cole Pendery (17), Dalton Rapattoni (17), Gabe Morales (18), Dana Vaughns (15).



The band was the highlight of the show. IM5’s performance was fun and enjoyable. Once they hit the stage they shined. They boys were meant to be performers. Impressed with their ability to sing and dance at the same time; which is not an easy task. IM5 has that type of experience on stage that you can’t blink or you’ll miss some magical action.






Most recently the band is gaining popularity with their cover of famous Disney songs “Disney Dudez” with artist Todd Rock Hall. Their video has 3 million views!

Disney Dudez

IM5 is on their way to become massive stars.

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