Is This The Reason Why No One Online Will Date You?

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The digital age has transformed many aspects of our social lives, including how we seek out and establish romantic relationships. One in 10 Americans are currently using several online dating sites, but one-third will never actually go on a date with someone they’ve met online. Researchers at the University of Iowa suggest being “real,” not boastful…

Earworms Eww Gross

When I see “earworm” my first thought is Star Trek and that thing crawling towards Chekov’s ear in The Wrath of Khan. That isn’t really a worm it is a Ceti eel but just as gross. Once past that thought my mind goes to a woman Untold Stories of the ER and the pet worms she had living under her skin packed with dirt.

Like “Whatever” Is The Most Annoying Word of 2011. Seriously. You Know. I Am Just Saying.

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It makes me want to scream when someone says “reached out” instead of called or contacted. Sadly it didn’t make the list. “Reaching out” is used in ridiculous ways. Goodness, the garbage company sent a letter that they were reaching out to customers about changing the freaking garbage cans.
You reach out to a victim.

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