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Gamers are a dedicated bunch, and they’ll do anything to advance in the virtual world. But Singaporean gamers are taking it up a notch, with a sizeable number forgoing sleep and skipping meals just to keep playing.

A study has found that Singaporeans are the most frequent gamers in Asia, and the third most frequent in the world, spending a total of 7.44 hours each week playing video games.

The country which spends the most time gaming each week is Germany, at 7.98 hours, followed by the US at 7.61 hours.

Limelight Networks

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Are You A Video Game Addict?

It is clear that I know people who can be in seen as addicted to [amazon_textlink asin=’B00H6VSWTW’ text=’video games’ template=’ProductLink’ store=’cfmmusscean03-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’2fd16823-f1ef-11e7-817f-d1835dc80b87′]. Gamers I know fall into three groups, immature, escapism and addicted. If you have missed work a few times because you were exhausted from gaming all night that might mean you are irresponsible and need to grow up. To be an addict, gaming would have to significantly disrupt your life, work and relationships. If most of your relationships are in the gaming world, that is a red flag. It is easy to get caught up in a world that is more rewarding than the real world. I know people who have quit jobs because it cut into their gaming time and he was an adult!

Video game addiction (VGA) is a hypothetical behavioral addiction characterized by excessive or compulsive use of computer games or video games, which interferes with a person’s everyday life.[1] Video game addiction may present itself as compulsive gaming, social isolation, mood swings, diminished imagination, and hyper-focus on in-game achievements, to the exclusion of other events in life. Wikipedia

A list of articles you might use to self diagnosis.

Video or online gaming addiction being recognized as a mental-health disorder

by: Jennifer L. Boe
It’s winter vacation time and too cold to do anything outdoors, so the kids are engrossed in playing the video games they received for Christmas.

You’re just glad your teenagers are safe at home, never mind that you can’t coax them away from their games to do chores or interact with the rest of the family.

Perhaps over the past year or so, you’ve noticed online games have pretty much consumed your child’s life, particularly if he’s a teenage boy. Maybe your husband is the one who walks in the house, retreats to his man cave-video playland and is still at it long after everyone else is in bed. Read More

Can’t Stop Gaming? The WHO May Soon Consider Video Game Addiction a Mental Disorder

by: Sy Mukherjee
Video game addicts of the world: Your compulsion may be considered an official mental disorder. The World Health Organization (WHO) is preparing to include it its new global medical coding guidelines.

The WHO is currently whipping up a draft of the latest International Classification of Diseases (ICD), ICD-11. This set of universal medical codes is meant to make it easier to identify specific health disorders on a consistent basis across nations; the current version, ICD-10, is being updated. But ICD-11, which will be rolled out in 2018, will include a new proposed class of mental conditions called “gaming disorder.”


The Surprising Upside to Video Game Addiction’s Classification as a Mental Health Disorder

We couldn’t treat what couldn’t be diagnosed.

The last time video games made so many headlines, Pokemon Go was causing traffic accidents and luring children into sex offenders’ neighborhoods. Here’s some more not-so-great news for those trying to escape life by disappearing into a fantasy world: you may be suffering from a mental health condition. For the first time ever, the World Health Organization has included “gaming disorder” in a draft of the International Classification of Diseases annual list. Read more.


Video Game Addiction Symptoms, Causes and Effects

Although it is not yet recognized by the American Medical Association as a diagnosable disorder, video game addiction is a very real problem for many people. According to the University of New Mexico, recent studies suggest that 6 to 15 percent of all gamers exhibit signs that could be characterized as addiction. Though this disorder can have significant consequences to those suffering from it, its signs and symptoms can sometimes be very difficult to recognize.

Are There Different Types of Video Game Addictions?

There are two major types of video games and therefore two major types of video game addictions. Read more

When Atsushi Hashimoto was a kid, he loved role-playing games. He’d settle in front of the television for hours, controller in hand, lost in quests full of magical spells and powerful evils. He was particularly enamored with the works of Squaresoft, now known as Square Enix, the developer behind 16-bit classics like Final Fantasy and Chrono Trigger. As he grew older, classic-style Japanese RPGs largely went out of fashion, replaced by a combination of big-budget action games and smaller mobile titles. But Hashimoto never forgot about the games that helped define his relationship with the medium. In 2014 he had the chance to bring them back as the director at Square Enix’s Tokyo RPG Factory studio.

Last year, under Hashimoto’s guidance… Continue reading…


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One of the Largest Jigsaw Puzzles in the World Made Harder as Video Game Stop Motion

“Wildlife” is a very big jigsaw puzzle. Clocking in 33,600 pieces, it ranks among the largest manufactured jigsaw puzzles in the world and will set you back almost 400 bucks.
But if you think it’s hard enough to do on its own, imagine turning it into a stop motion movie of classic video games while you assemble it.

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This article originally appeared on Gizmodo
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This screen capture from Greebles was stolen from Fractal Fox Game Studio.

This screen capture from Greebles was stolen from Fractal Fox Game Studio.

You have an awesome game idea, now it is time to turn your idea into a business.

You need the obvious components to launch a indie video game studio.
   An artist that can interpret your ideas.
   A programmer.
   A designer.
   A music composer.
   A publicist.

And the one thing that all businesses need.

Location, Location, Location

Let me tell you a story and about how much location matters. Several years ago a company researched an area for a new restaurant. It was an awesome restaurant, but the expected customers never showed up. Before the awesome restaurant was built, potential customers had to drive several miles to eat out. Why weren’t they coming to the new, awesome, closer restaurant? The company did everything right….almost.

This was a family restaurant and the one thing that the researchers didn’t check was surrounding businesses. LOL There was a strip club next to the family restaurant. It was a vile place with drug dealers in the parking lot nightly. There was a fight at the club. It spilled into the parking lot. The fight became a free-for-all that left puddles of blood and over 20 people in jail.

Recap: Good idea, excellent food, reasonable prices.

The problem was rather simple. The community they intended to serve was on the other side of the Sacramento river and there was no bridge.

Here is the point. When my son graduated with a degree in video game design, I spoke with one of his teachers. My question was, “Should he get a master’s degree”. He said, “No.” His answer surprised me.

He said that my son should develop video games that could be played on Facebook. I was confused and my son; insulted.

Turns out his teacher was saying Location! Location! Location!

When you joined a game, Facebook would invite all of your friends. It was automatic and would spread exponentially. If you were starting your own indie video game studio it was free adverting!

Phone apps are great, but your app is hidden away, buried within thousands of similar apps. Your friend might try it, love it and never think to invite his friends to join him playing.

When you start your indie video game studio, if you have a lot of money to advertise and drive people to your game then you can select where you want to publish.

If you don’t have much money to launch your indie video game consider other platforms. If you can launch on more than one platform your advertising will allow you to find more potential players.

Ask questions and good luck.

Tips For Starting An Indie Game Studio Part: II Defining Your Customer Base

Video Game Release: Mutant Duck Invasion is Quackening Nov 12th!


Game Title: Mutant Duck Invasion
Age: Developer suggests ages 8 and up (cartoon style violence) it involves some reading.
Release date: Approximately 12th Nov 2016
Genre(s): Arcade, strategy.
Platforms: Android then iOS (iPhone and iPad) coming soon
Developer/Publisher: Primordial Echo Pty Ltd

Cost: Free. Ads to continue game at beginning of current attack wave and also to spin for rewards. In app purchases also there to earn upgrades/items sooner.

Description: Mutant Duck Invasion places you in the thick of a war between your city and an incoming invasion of deadly mutant ducks! It is your job to defend your city by shooting the hordes of ducks with upgradeable (and fun) offensive fireworks, trying to cause a chain reaction of exploding ducks on your screen!

Fireworks can: burn, stick, explode and freeze invading ducks and in turn, the ducks when destroyed will: shoot, electrocute, explode, ignite, or dissolve their invading brethren leading to some wild and humorous chain reactions! Simply tap to fire from 1 or 2 fireworks cannons and strategize which ducks to take out to cause the biggest and most pleasing chain reactions. You’ll have to have your wits about you facing this onslaught and be ready to upgrade as soon as you can in preparation for the fantastical invading mutant duck boss battles!

 Berlin, Germany – Independent developer, David Zobrist today is proud to announce the release of Pixel Mage 1.0, a geniusly simple-to-pick-up platform game with the twist. You switch between flying or walking instead of jumping, creating 2 lines to switch between as engage battles with goblins. The retro oriented game title for iOS and Android devices… Read the rest of this entry

‘Street Fighter V’ Juri Release Date Confirmed

After Street Fighter V producer Yoshinori Ono confirmed at EVO 2016 Juri would be coming to the game by the end of July, Capcom has formally announced the release date for the latest character in SFV at San Diego Comic-Con. Read the rest of this entry

New PetChatz® PawCall® Accessory Will Enable Pets to Call Parents for Two-Way Video Chat and Games

MINNEAPOLIS, July 26, 2016 /PRNewswire/ — Has your pet called you lately? Beginning August 1, dogs and cats will be able to do just that with the PetChatz® HD PawCall® accessory, a landmark technology that lets pets initiate two-way video chats with the press of a button placed on the household’s floor. PawCall is a shiny,… Read the rest of this entry

Nicole Richie plays LEGO Dimensions at the video game’s launch party on September 24, 2015 in New York City. (Photo by Ilya S. Savenok/Getty Images for LEGO Dimensions)

Lego Dimensions made a big splash at San Diego Comic-Con with the reveal of the game’s Wave 7 characters and packs. Some of the Wave 7 characters come from the most popular areas of video games, movies and television. These new packs will include the highly-anticipated Sonic franchise, ET and the upcoming Fantastic Beasts and Where… Read the rest of this entry

How To Catch Mewtwo and Mew In ‘Pokémon Go’ At Comic Con

Cameron Halsana, 8, is excited to see a wall of Pokemon Go stuffed toys with his mother Khannany Halsana during Comic-Con International 2016 in San Diego, California, July 22, 2016. / AFP / Bill Wechter (Photo credit should read BILL WECHTER/AFP/Getty Images)

Depending on who players talk to, it’s possible to catch Mewtwo in “Pokémon Go.” But one thing is certain — that we know of, no one has caught the the legendary pocket monster so far. One player has already completed North American Pokédex, which means he caught 4,269 Pokémon, according to Mewtwo and Mew were… Read the rest of this entry

Previous Sega Events and Stock Photos
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SEGA® Reveals Two New Sonic Titles Coming In 2017

Sonic’s 25th Anniversary Party Reveals New Console Games, Updates to Sonic Dash Mobile and the Reveal of Season Two of the Hit Animated Series BURBANK, Calif., July 23, 2016 /PRNewswire/ — Sonic celebrated his 25 th anniversary at a sold out event on Friday evening during San Diego Comic-Con held at the House of Blues.Today SEGA… Read the rest of this entry

Beany Stalk

Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia
Vyper Studios new game Beany Stalk let you swipe and bounce your way up to thrilling heights whilst avoiding and destroying a myriad of obstacles and flying enemies. Armed with 27 different chicken suits (each with unique and exciting abilities) YOU get to choose the suit that works best for your style of gaming! Collect (or earn) just 5 of Beany Stalk’s golden eggs to play the egg-grabber and unlock a new suit, and you’ll be riding beans, shooting fireballs or even turning enemies into flowers in no time!

Beany Stalk will be available to download soon. You can see which of your friends can make it the highest with Twitter and Facebook integration, sharing your victories have never been easier!

Beany Stalk is the 3rd iOS title (and the greatest) from Vyper Studios a company that has become synonymous with original and fun gaming titles.

Vyper Studios was started in 2015 to address the growing numbers of mobile gamers wanting truly original gaming experiences. Beany Stalk fulfills this need by offering a truly unique gameplay system, 26 different characters, each with their own personalities and allows players to select a gaming style that suits them the best.

Official 'Tetris' - The Movie Teaser Trailer. The invasion is beginning. It is inevitable

Official 'Tetris' - The Movie Teaser Trailer. The invasion is beginning. It is inevitable

‘TETRIS’ The Movie Offical Trailer

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Official Tetris Teaser Trailer. The invasion is beginning. It is inevitable. You created them, you can destroy them! I did not create Tetris, I was but the messenger. Tell me how to stop them. This is an extinction level event. No, don’t go! Let her go!

If Battleship gets its own movie, why not Tetris?

Thanks to Richard Williams ( for the sick trailer music!

Thanks to Mont Toronto for makeup and sound!! And Noelle Houston for her acting skills!

Be sure to check out our behind the scenes channel for insights on how we do what we do!

If enough people watch this, we will seriously make this into a movie.

New Rage Comic Masks, Steam Trading Coming to Premier Free to Play MMO/Shooter Hybrid

NEW YORK, NY, March 26, 2012 – Vogster Online is bringing a little mean spirited fun to CrimeCraft this Spring with new meme-inspired clothing items, an Easter event and Steam Trading integration.

The new rage comic faces are designed to inspire rage in your online enemies, even if they’re the ones doing most of the killing. Few things in life are more satisfying than splattering your foe into bloody giblets then asking, “U mad bro?” This spirit is captured in the Rage Comic Mask trailer below.

“It’s something that’s fun and looks really cool in game,” said Daniel Prousline, vice president of game development. “We wanted to put in a few fun features for the March update and between the new masks and the Easter event, we’ve done that.”

For Easter, CrimeCraft is adding a few new items, including the Bloody Bunny Mask and Rabbit Ears hat. A new drop is also being introduced for the holiday, the Easter Egg. These eggs drop during Riot (every man for himself) matches and, rarely, in PvE matches like Safeguard and Headhunt. Easter Eggs will only drop during the week of April 8 through April 15.
Speakers on please.

Players can open eggs for prizes ranging from vendor trash Black Market exclusive items like name color changes, 5-slot weapons, and Gold ammo and boosts. Players can also sell unopened Easter Eggs in the auction house.

Finally, CrimeCraft will be fully integrated with Steam Trading on March 26. Steam Trading is an innovative feature that allows Steam users to trade items from one game for items from another game. We’ll give each of our Steam users the Mask of the Dead as the first item for their Steam Trading inventory, but they will be able to add any non-bound item to a Steam Trading tab in their ATM.

“Steam Trading is great for our players and it’s great for us,” said assistant producer James Casale. “It’s another way to reach out to users who have never played our game while making it more valuable to the people who already know about us. Personally, I can’t wait to score some cool items.”

Beyond these new features, the CrimeCraft Spring Update is focused on player requests and fixes.

These include:

  • Updated Quickplay messaging and level reduced to enter lobby
  • Added graphic representation of teammates health in combat
  • All player healing displayed by on-screen graphic
  • Class and weapon balance
  • New clothing, including Fire and Shock modifiers

The CrimeCraft March update is expected to launch midmonth.

 About Vogster ( :

Since 2005 Vogster is developing and publishing high quality, inspiring and creative pure digital and online products for major gaming platforms. The international company is headquartered in the New York City metropolitan area with a development studio in Eastern Europe, where it employs a host of talented industry professionals with multiple awards and top-selling games to their collective credit. Vogster is the developer and publisher of the online shooter CrimeCraft Bleedout, the comic-book inspired arcade brawler Unbound Saga and the acclaimed cartoon-strategy series Robocalypse.

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Play Classic Atari Video Games on iPad Accessory

When the iPad was announced, the Super Geeks at ThinkGeek  all crammed into a conference room to watch live and drool over every shiny corner and reflecty icon. After the glow of the initial announcement wore off, many of then came to the conclusion that the iPad was actually pretty useless. “It’s a giant iPhone!” some said. Others exclaimed, “WTF, no Flash!?”. Still,  They  knew that most Apple fanbots (including them) would have to have one anyway.

 iCade Think Geek Story

“Knowing that many of our loyal geeky customers would eventually get their retractable claws on an iPad at some point, we knew we needed to take it to the next level. What cool things could we do with the iPad that you, our lovely geek customers, would squee over? A few brainstorming sessions later, the idea of a MAME cabinet came up and we knew we’d struck gold. How cool would it be to slide your iPad into a desktop-sized arcade cabinet and rock it old school with some Battlezone or Tempest?

Enter the iCADE iPad Arcade Cabinet! To use the iCade, gently slide the iPad into the cradle. The iCADE uses Bluetooth to connect to the iPad so there’s nothing else you need to do. You’re ready to “insert coin” and game on!

To bring the iCADE to life, ThinkGeek has partnered with ION. Atari, the first name in classic arcade games, also signed up to bring a huge suite of classic arcade titles including Asteroids to market with iCADE support built right in.”

The Perfect iPad Accessory


  • Beautifully retro-styled tabletop arcade cabinet for your otherwise useless iPad
  • iPad connects to the iCADE controls via Bluetooth
  • “Atari Greatest Hits” iPad App ready to go with the iCADE, including support for over 100 classic Atari games.
  • Atari App comes with Missile Command for free, other games available for in-app purchase. 3-game packs are $1. All 100 games are $14.99
  • Compatible with both the original iPad and iPad 2


In addition to the 100 classic Atari favorites, numerous iOS developers have built in iCADE support. The games listed below have either released or announced support for the iCADE:

doctor who,Dr.Who,Karen Gillan,the doctor,amy pond,amy pond actress,Doctor Who cast, dr who characters,River Song,Alex Kingston,Matt Smith,Arthur Darvill,Rory Williams,Caitlin Blackwood,Daisy Lowe,tenza,cybermmats

Karen Gillian

Karen Gillan discusses voice over work in the Doctor Who video game.

Pax 2011 Photos

Random Photos from Pax 2011
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tin tin video game

Tin Tin video game trailer.

The Adventures of Tintin: The Video Game trailer – Video

In The Adventures of Tintin: The Game, players take on the role of Tintin, the intrepid reporter and hero of the action-packed movie directed by Steven Spielberg and produced by Sir Peter Jackson.
Developed in close collaboration with the filmmaking team, the videogame promises an authentic immersion into the movie’s enchanting environments and characters.

Watch the video.