Listern Drive RadioThe Radio revolution has begun, bringing “crowdsourcing to radio!” Listeners are taking back control of the radio. The principals of Listener Driven Radio, LLC (Broadcasters Lee Zapis, Daniel Anstandig, and Mike McVay) announced today the release of new Listener Driven Radio software, empowering broadcasters to become crowdcasters.SM  The listeners become the Music Director with Listener Driven Radio.

Listener Driven Radio ( is a new model for radio built on crowdsourcing, that allows listeners to go online, or to their iPhone, and offer their input into what plays next on the radio station. LDR is constantly absorbing listener input, song votes, and comments on music, and automatically adapting radio programming in real-time. The audience can control the station’s on-air product … within the parameters that the Program Director creates.

McVay New Media President and LDR architect Daniel Anstandig said, “This is a new way of programming radio and growing your brand-community. This is the first time that the power of crowdsourcing has been harnessed this way for radio programmers. Imagine being able to improve your product while decreasing the cost of programming.” Zapis Capital CEO Lee Zapis said, “The software we’ve developed will allow the listener to truly take control of their radio. So many of us in broadcasting have been concerned about the competition we face from the Internet, satellite, and social networking. LDR diminishes those concerns and takes what’s best about the Internet and puts it to use for your radio station.” McVay Media President, Mike McVay, added, “It’s time that radio operators get over their inferiority complex and embrace new technologies. The times have changed, and God willing, they’ll keep changing. Listener Driven Radio is the first application that marries the consumer’s wants with the PD’s desires … and that equals great and entertaining programming that’s good for any daypart.”

Introducing Listener Driven Radio:

· It’s groundbreaking. Turn listeners into collaborators. Constant research is generated from active listener interaction. Listeners log-on, click-to-pick their favorite songs, and then sit back and enjoy hearing what they … and other listeners … selected to play on the air.

· The Program Director selects the universe from which the listeners click-to-pick.  That way stations will still be “SAFE” while allowing the audience to program the music that they play.

· LDR builds community by empowering the audience and giving them ownership over radio programming, integrating their feedback into the music scheduling immediately. Listeners can also comment and vote on new songs, giving them the power to elect new songs for airplay.

· LDR makes it possible for listeners to vote for songs, request songs, pick which song should play next, and upload or vote for new music through radio station websites, iPhones, and Facebook.

· The radio station will NOW be CONNECTED to the social networking platforms used most by your audience. Turn your radio station into a community. Radio listeners will communicate online using LDR, and will be encouraged to repeat visit and repeat listen to your station.

· LDR feeds Twitter automatically for radio stations, helping them to increase tune-in. LDR harnesses the marketing capabilities of social media.

· LDR engages listeners, constantly absorbing their input, votes, and comments about the station’s music. This creates a community around a radio station’s brand.

· LDR ties in directly to radio automation systems and instantly adapts a radio station’s programming based on listener feedback and parameters preset by the Program Director.

· LDR takes a four-pronged approach to reaching listeners. LDR is software that enables listener interaction via Mobile/iPhone, Widget (embeddable on any site), Radio Station Websites, and Social Networks (including Facebook, MySpace, and Twitter). Then, listener input drives on air programming and music scheduling in real time.

· LDR enables you to change your playlist in real time based on listener input. The end result is programming that adapts to the target audience. The LDR software is also fully adaptable to branding and look-and-feel, seamlessly integrating into any radio station website.

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