Zombie_Girl_Emily_1Meet the youngest zombie filmmaker on the block…12 year old Emily Hagins
(Screening At Comic-Con)
Directed & Produced by Justin Johnson, Aaron Marshall, Erik Mauck
Cast: Emily Hagins, Megan Hagins, Jerry Hagins, Rebecca Elliot, Harry Knowles, Tim League
Running Time: 91 mins
ZOMBIE GIRL: THE MOVIE chronicles the passion, creative drive, and supportive family of an extraordinary pre-teen girl following her filmmaking dreams:  Emily Hagins is making a zombie movie.  It’s feature-length, it’s bloody, and the zombies don’t run.  But there’s one big difference between her film and every other zombie movie you’ve ever seen: Emily is twelve years old.
Most twelve-year-olds are busy with friends, homework, and online chatting.  But film-obsessed Emily Hagins spends her time writing and directing a feature-length zombie movie.  ZOMBIE GIRL: THE MOVIE documents the exhilarating and heartbreaking two years it took her to shoot, edit, and premiere the film to a sold out audience in Austin, Texas.
Encouraged by famous friends and fans – including Peter Jackson (Lord of the Rings), who she corresponds with in third grade, and journalist Harry Knowles of Ain’t It Cool News fame, ZOMBIE GIRL: THE MOVIE traces Emily’s remarkable vision and youthful will to succeed.  And with the help of her mother as agent, crew, and biggest fan, Emily launches an epic adventure in genre filmmaking, battling everything from budget shortfalls to self-doubt, all while coming of age as a young girl.  Emily has the vision and her mom has the driver’s license.  Together, their journey is a funny, enlightening look at a growing world of young moviemakers, and the bloodiest mother/daughter story you’ve ever seen.
Emily has been written about in diverse national and local press, including Teen Vogue, The L.A. Times, Fangoria, Ain’t It Cool News, and Film Threat.
Emily’s feature length film debut, Pathogen, launched her into the record books as the first teenage girl in the United States to complete a feature length film.  She is also the youngest winner ever of The Texas Filmmakers Production Fund Grant.
Young Emily, now 16, has just finished her second feature film, The Retelling.
First time feature filmmakers Justin Johnson, Aaron Marshall, Erik Mauck have collectively created accomplished short films, worked in television, commercials, and music videos. While living in Austin in 2005, they saw a local web posting: “Need 12-15 year olds for zombie movie directed by twelve-year-old girl,” and were immediately hooked, beginning a dizzy three and a half year journey documenting Emily’s filmmaking journey.
They are now independently pursuing various film projects, ranging from writing scripts in development to producing television shows, narrative feature films and documentaries.  Aaron Marshall currently resides in Los Angeles, Justin Johnson lives in St. Louis, Missouri, and Erik Mauck is based in Austin, Texas.
Talent at Comic-Con
Co-Director/Producer:  Aaron Marshall
Title Designer: Deborah Allison
Cast: Emily Hagins and Megan Hagins (Emily’s mother).

Comic-Con Screening
San Diego Convention Center
Room 26AB
(on the south side of the convention center — above Hall H)
Friday, July 24 – 7:00pm
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