Free download: Whitney Houston’s new song “I Look To You”

Whitney Houston’s new album “I Look To You” is due to hit the stores August 31, 2009.  The title track can be downloaded on Links are available for US and international fans.

I Look To You available in stores August 31, 2009
I Look To You available in stores August 31, 2009

The last time I saw Whitney Houston my heart was broken.  I actually thought she was a man in drag. She was too thin and looked unhealthy.

If you go to you will see a YouTube clip of a beautiful, rested healthy Whitney Houtson. “I Look To You” debuted to a roomful of enthusiastic celebrities that welcomed Houston back with her new album.

The familiar voice is more mature and doesn’t  hit the soaring heights it once did.  None the less if you are a Houston fan you won’t be disappointed. Her voice is still rich and beautiful.  “I Look To You” written by R.Kelly is a perfect way for Houston to give us insight into how she has struggled to made her way back to her fans.

At the risk of making you groan I must end this by saying that with “I Look To You” Whitney Houston has unbroken my heart. The beautiful, vibrant woman we fell in love with is back and with all of us behind her here to stay.

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3 thoughts on “Free download: Whitney Houston’s new song “I Look To You”

  1. This is just the Whitney I fell for. The charm is back. A very good girl with perfect image indeed. Thank God for taking u back, I am glad u are rescued

  2. Thank you for the info. I love Whitney!! She is beautiful again. I can not wait to hear the alblum.
    The song writters on this CD are amazing(keys & Kelly ect.) Thank the lord she has been saved.To share what god has given her. I hope she can be a public example of turning your life around & drug addiction. Thanks

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