Nick Simmons
Nick Simmons

Nick Simmons, son of KIIS member Gene Simmons and star of the A&E hit reality show “GENE SIMMONS FAMILY JEWELS” has signed on with Radical Comics and announced the release of his first comic “Incarnate”. 

Nick says that there will be “more comics in this series – ongoing chapters.  I have the second arc almost written.  It will be based on the sales of the first one if it will warrant a sequel.”

A&E Network aired a commercial on it’s network pushing the Radical comics website ( and there has been a good response from fans of Simmons’ reality show.

Simmons is pleased with his relationship with Radical.  “Writers need time to put their vision together.  Radical is taking risks to let us make our visions come to life.”   He adds that he was exposed to comics at a young age. “I got into comics because my dad is a  big geek.  This is the best time to get into the comics business.  Lots of artists are able to get their comics published.  People are taking it seriously which is why conventions like Comic Con are so big.”

You can visit the Radical Comics site at to purchase Nick’s comic or any of the other writers that they publish.

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