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When I receive a press release from one of the publicist I work with I notify the band on MySpace or where ever I can find a contact. This lets them know that the release is on the website and usually I will ask a question or two. Theory Of Flight  has the distinction of  being  the only band that did not acknowledge my note to them on MySpace.  And yes they read it. (Look in your MySpace sent folder and it will say when a message has been read.)  Once a friend jokingly asked me to contact Kevin Bacon about a show, I did and got a polite, “No”. I didn’t even get a “fuck you” from Theory of Flight. They are without a doubt the rudest band I have come across in the four years I have been doing reviews.

When I was asked by their publicist at Luck Media to do a cd review I said no and recounted my grievances.   Their publicist said that they have “people” who “handle” their MySpace, well woopdy fucking do.  Then they have rude “people” working for them and their record label needs to reconsider who is handling their bands.

The publicist thinking I could be won over by good music sent the Theory of Flight cd anyway. My first inclination when I received it was to throw it out the car window. The cd was not put gently into the car stereo. I was too pissed to put it on the bottom of the cd review stack.

If you have read my autobiography Always Fuck the Drummer you know will that drums makes or breaks a band for me.  Laying aside the fact that the band’s “people” are asses, the drummer is awesome. I could almost forgive their arrogance just listening to the drummer.  Tyler Williams is not identified on the insert photo but they are all fuckable so I guess it doesn’t matter which one is him.  Williams is also credited on the cd with vocals.

Beau Hodges is the lead vocalist. My guess he is the one in the white shirt stuck in the front of the photo. Hodges’ voice is at its best on the softer tracks. When track three Goodbye Tonight started I had to admit (begrudgingly) that Theory of Flight is a very talented group.

One Last Call confused me to a point where I pulled the car over to read the lyrics. Hauntingly beautiful lyrics make me wonder if this is a Christian rock song.

Spinning IS PERFECT!! If pisses me off to admit it. I would love to have had my label CFM Records do the radio submissions on that song!

Vince Casas on lead guitar & vocals, Joey McMahon on bass, Stephen Goodrum on guitar & vocals and Stephen Colombo keys & vocals round out Theory of Flight. Their names aren’t listed on the photo either. Which begs the question, “Why bother with a photo if you don’t tell us who you are?”.

Engineering, mastering, mixing couldn’t be better, this cd is technically perfect. Their label Blue Beet Records did an excellent job bring this group of technicians together.

Theory of Flight’s cd within reach is beautifully written with not boring lyrics and some wonderful instrumental work

The cd over all, I would say, “Buy it.” You can try messaging them on MySpace. Who knows they might not be assholes if someone other than me contacts them.

Author: Losillë
Mother, wife and kinda old.

5 thoughts on “Theory of Flight CD Review

  1. Vince Casas and Joey are pretty legit. I don’t know Tyler but he seems nice.
    Other dudes are assholes.
    I seriously don’t believe someone is already controlling their myspace for them yet, lies.

  2. If you met the drummer, you would forgive the arrogance. He’s a good guy that’s why I locked that in when he was 15. I’m his wife. Thank you for your review. 😉

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