Meet Sacramento Band Prylosis

Sacramento band Prylosis
Sacramento band Prylosis

This is an interview that is long past due. My computer crashed loosing the interview and the photos from the night. I found notes written in the dark of a bar, under the influence…not the best way to write notes. So with my bad notes and spotty memory here is an interview with one of the best bands around.

Carl was kind enough to make following  correction for me. Thanks Carl.    “Our former bass player was training to be a fireman, and mispronounced the word ‘pyrolysis’ by saying ‘Prylosis.’ We all thought it was a cool sounding name so it stuck, even though it had no meaning. Later on, we disected the word and the closest meaning we could put to it was with the latin origin ‘Pry’-being ahead in rank, and ‘osis’-the condition of… so with those two put together it makes the meaning roughly “The condition ofbeing   ahead a rank.” So it kind of worked out.”

As of July Prylosis has been together 4l/2 years.

When I asked them to tell me a little about themselves this what they said:

Scott Scott plyas rhythm guitar and sings back up vocals. Says he was destined to be in music. Music is a family tradition.

Mike Mike the lead singer also comes from a musical family. Mike not only sings he does the bands recording. engineering, mixing and mastering.

Carl. Carl is a Taurus he enjoys long walks on the beach. Ok. Carl had tine to think of a Sexy answer. He has been playing guitar for 14 years He is originally, from New York and comes from a musical family.

Jeff Jeff has played  guitar and bass since second grade. He is currently studying to be a graphic design artist and has two years left in school.

Joel Joel has been playing guitar for 20 years. Don’t let the 20 years  scare you ladies he is young and very fuckable). Joel has been in 3 oniginal music bands and 3 cover bands his pet peeve is band members who don’t  want to practice

The general band Q&A followed.

Who is the band leader?

The band is a democracy. There is no specific leader and the person best for the job at any given time steps up as needed.

When asked who was the band Penis, who gets all the attention from the ladies.

Turns out the band  Penis is Joel and Carl. This started a conversation  on the battle of the penises or is it peni? Which I would gladly pay to see. (oops did I say that out loud?)

Who will eat anything?

That Would be Mike they Call him the goat. There was story with this but it got lost along the way.

Who drinks the most alcohol or the bands best alcohol related story.

They said they couldn’t tell me anything that could be published. However, if they were going to tell a story it would include Oroville and lots of alcohol.

When we were discussing there up coming CD. Mike said something I will never forget he said that he “didn’t want the music to turn into a run on Sentence.” What a perfect way to describe what I have tried on occasion to explain. Now I quote him when I do CD reviews.

Carl had recently returned from his second tour of duty in Iraq _He is a member of the Sacramento unit of Army reserve. Got the impression he had seen enough sand to last him for a while.

The show was amazing. The very talented and you can’t  miss if you go to a Prylosis show!

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