CD Review Shannon Curtis: “Why Don’t You Stay?”

Shannon Curtis photo courtsey of  Steve Babuljak
Shannon Curtis photo courtsey of Steve Babuljak

When I do a review I like to pick my favorite track and after listening to every track several times it is difficult to pick a favorite. Every track is perfect in a different way. The songs go from heartbreaking to the playful “Get Outta Town” with great lyrics like “It’s been one of those days for a year. “

The title song “Why Don’t You Stay” broke my heart; it is sweeps you up in her voice like the arms of a lover. The song is so beautifully sung, played and written you can “see” the song in your mind…Curtis singing. The last two people in a rooftop club. Lonely city lights in the background. A man in a uniform dancing with the woman he loves. Parting forced upon them by circumstance, the price paid for war. “a little bit longer, a little bit closer to the end of this song. “   They are alone and lonely together.

Shannon Curtis has a warm, rich voice that puts you in a dreamy mood. Every woman needs a copy of this CD.

Beautiful voice and environmentally friendly packaging, who could ask for more?

After reading over my account of “Why Don’t You Stay” I had to laugh. I am sure that Curtis has a totally different story in her head with the song, but that’s ok song writers never know what their songs are really about.

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