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The band Seven, named after the Seven Deadly or Cardinal sins Lust, Gluttony, Greed, Sloth Wrath Envy and Pride was formed six years ago. After a few changes in the lineup they became the musical force you hear on their self titled CD.
The CD takes you through tight, adrenaline-fueled tunes. Seven has the components to make good music with good guitar riffs with drummer Eric “Gluttony” Souza hammering the music home!
Rob “Envy” Hunter has the vocal chords to carry off the songs the way metal should be sung. He can quickly change from screams to growls to melodic signing while maintain the fast pace of the songs.
Seven brings strong song writing and catchy melodies to their CD. For me the stand out is “I Hate Myself” it is crisp, clean with a tight rhythm section that demands you move to the music.
This CD moves smoothly through the tunes with a mix of metal and a touch of techno on the side. Check out their music on MySpace.

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