Before Arachnophobia and Eight Legged Freaks…there was Kingdom of the Spiders.

While sophisticated digital effects have made it possible for swarms of beetles, bees and other insects to rampage across movie screens throughout the last decade, back in the Seventies filmmakers had no such tool. If you wanted to have scores of bugs invade the set, many of them had to be real or it looked hokey. Films about nature seeking revenge were all the rage thirty years ago, and the 1977 cult film Kingdom of the Spiders starring William Shatner pulled no punches – those were live tarantulas crawling all over the set…and the cast!

On January 19, 2010, Shout! Factory will unleash the Kingdom of the Spiders Special Edition on DVD. Featuring all-new anamorphic widescreen transfer of the film, this Special Edition DVD release contains an all-new interview with William Shatner; an in-depth commentary featuring director John Bud Cardos, producer Igor Kantor, spider wrangler Jim Brockett and cinematographer John Morrill, moderated by HOSTEL producer Scott Spiegel and Lee Christian; rare behind-the-scenes footage; “Jim Brockett: Spider Wrangler” featurette; poster gallery and the original theatrical trailer. The collectible Kingdom of the Spiders Special Edition DVD is priced to own at $19.99.


William Shatner stars as veterinarian “Rack” Hansen in this cult film about an Arizona town infested with a horde of arachnids that turn on the humans whose insecticides have depleted their natural food supply. After livestock belonging to Rack’s friend, rancher Walter Colby (Woody Strode), fall victim to a spider attack, entomologist Diane Ashley (Tiffany Bolling) arrives and tries to help Rack deal with the crisis — but with the big county fair fast approaching, Mayor Connors (Roy Engel) refuses to let them quarantine Colby’s ranch. Soon the remaining residents of the town must barricade themselves at lodge of Emma Washburn (Lieux Dressler) lodge in an effort to save themselves from the eight-legged invaders in the ultimate man versus spider showdown.

Directed by John Bud Cardos and written by Richard Robinson and Alan Caillou, Kingdom of the Spiders was released in 1977, grossing a respectable $17 million against a $500,000 budget.


All New Interview with William Shatner
Audio commentary by Director John Bud Cardos, Producer Igor Kantor, spider wrangler
Jim Brockett and Cinematographer John Morrill, moderated by HOSTEL producer

Scott Spiegel and Lee Christian

Jim Brockett: Spider Wrangler Featurette.
-Rare Behind the Scenes Footage
Poster Gallery
Original Theatrical Trailer

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