SANDY HACKETT’S RAT PACK SHOW Moves The Hit Las Vegas Production to The Sahara’s Main Showroom For Nightly Performances at 5 p.m


In a dynamic move that must be making the legendary Buddy Hackett beam up in comedy heaven, The Sahara in Las Vegas—by popular demand—is relocating his son’s hit “Sandy Hackett’s Rat Pack Show” from the Congo Room to the hotel’s main showroom.

It’s the perfect prelude to the launch of the show’s national touring company. The production has been recognized and distinguished as far more than a tribute show. It’s a theatrical production with a strong narrative element that includes extraordinary, never-before-heard original songs written by Producer Lisa Dawn Miller’s father, legendary songwriter Ron Miller.

The shift takes place March 2 at the show’s new daily time of 5 p.m., the perfect hour for both longtime fans and newcomers to the classic Rat Pack experience to enjoy highballs, hi-jinks and happy hour with Frank, Sammy, Joey and Dean! The new move allows for a greatly increased seating capacity to meet the escalating demand for this well-received, contemporary take on the beloved Rat Pack.

“The high spirited, classic and magical retro vibe of “Sandy Hackett’s Rat Pack Show” is perfectly in line with The Sahara’s vision and focusing of its resources to its greatest asset– its history,” says Miller.

“We see an organization making smart decisions in tough economic times and we are proud to be partners with The Sahara as we all look forward to continual success together,” Miller adds. “As part of our move, we are thrilled to be opening the first ever Rat Pack retail store located just outside of the main showroom.”

Produced by Sandy Hackett, a powerhouse veteran writer, producer, and film and TV actor, and his wife, singer/songwriter/producer Lisa Dawn Miller, the show is unsurpassed with the extraordinary talents of Buddy Hackett and Ron Miller weaved throughout the production. The unparalleled chemistry, relationship and connection of the show’s remarkable cast, David DeCosta, Doug Starks, Tony Basile, Lisa Dawn Miller and Sandy Hackett, is headed up by killer director, Billy Karl. The show’s musical team is incomparable with Maestro Christopher Hardin, Music Director and Joey Singer, Conductor.

Hackett is the only producer of a Rat Pack-related live performance theatrical production who actually grew up with these legends in their heyday. “My father had great friendships with them all. They were my family.” Hackett said. For several years, Hackett starred as Bishop—who he knew fondly as “Uncle Joey” in earlier versions of the show, which he wrote, produced, directed and performed in at various cities throughout the U.S. The new show brings the legacy of the Rat Pack and both, Hackett’s and Miller’s beloved fathers full circle. Hackett is Back!

Tickets for “Sandy Hackett’s Rat Pack Show” are on sale now and can be purchased at or by calling 1-866-830-0287.

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