This is what I have learned working with bands over the years.

It is fairly easy to get the endorsement rights for your MySpace page or website if you don’t suck. An endorsement says that you use the equipment and the company has agreed to let you advertise that affiliation. No money or equipment changes hands.

BUT if you want sponsorship with  money and equipment you need visibility. Giving a local band equipment or money isn’t a good deal for a company. You are probably already using their equipment and the people you are playing for aren’t their customers. Your fans aren’t going to go out and buy the equipment you are  using.

Zildjian outlines their criteria clearly, “The criteria for evaluating new Artists includes a high profile playing situation, which provides maximum exposure for Zildjian. It also includes, but is not limited to, a record released on a major record label that is charting on Billboard’s Top 200, a video in heavy rotation on MTV/VH-1, other TV exposure and headlining a major tour.”

This is not to say that a few companies won’t work with you.  Jägermeister sponsorships for instance has  relatively easy criteria is to get a sponsorship but, they only give full sponsorships to  about 200 bands.

This is from their website “once we decide we dig their scene, we supply them with giveaway items where legal. Items are branded with the Jägermeister logo and the name of the band. From posters to guitar picks, t-shirts to hats, we cover our bands.

In return, we simply ask for a little love… mentioning Jägermeister between and during sets, imbibing a shot on stage, hanging a few banners, or wearing a t-shirt. ”

You would have to decide if you are willing to do a commercial for Jägermeister at a show.

One band will say it is selling out, another will say it is a good way to get merch for the fans.

Their requirements are easy
*All band members are 21 or older
*You have a LOVE for Jägermeister
*Your band plays at least 6-10 shows per month

Spend a little time on the internet or make a few calls and you can find out the criteria for sponsorships for any major company.

Keep in mind that for a small band to approach someone like Fender for a sponsorship is going to be a waste of time.

Try something a little different, check out the local companies in your area.  Music Shop’s, CD Shop’s, Cafe’s, Bar’s, Restaurant’s, Club’s? Is the drummers dad a dentist? Does the guitar player’s mom own her business? Go to these companies and offer to put up a banner and add their name to your merch if they pay for the merch.

The more shows you play the more likely you are to get endorsements and sponsorships.

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It has to be a mutually beneficial relationship for an endorsement to occur normally. Does the artist give the endorsing company the proper amount of exposure to the demographic the company is seeking? Paul Warren