Shitting Glitter

This weeks cover goes to Shitting Glitter.
This weeks cover goes to Shitting Glitter.
This weeks cover goes to Shitting Glitter.

Shitting Glitter’s bass player Red Fox is an online “friend”. I “met” her through my favorite band  World Without Sundays. When she sent out a Facebook invitation for the band Shitting Glitter I couldn’t resist such a quirky band name?  I complain about too many bands having the same name! I went over to MySpace to take a listen.

Shitting Glitter had me from hello, um, make that had me from the intro!

“Delay” from their album “Sidesaddle Sweet Talk” started playing and I said, “Wow. They are good.”
I literally said it out loud.
Sitting here, alone, talking to myself in that vaguely creepy sort of way.

When you do as many CD reviews as I do you get jaded. It is refreshing to have a good immediate reaction to a group.

Photo courtesy of  DJ Rawburt of Raw Photograpy Red Fox (bass), Devin Tait (synth/vocals), AJ Anderson (guitar), Amy Crosby (lead vocals), and Laura Jennings (drums)

Shitting Glitter is like grape flavored Flintstone vitamins, they taste good AND they are good for you. Their music sounds good AND it is good for you.  It is working to end ignorance, bigotry and bias against people that don’t fall in to the Judeo-Christian norm.  Their songs are informative without being preachy. The members of Shitting Glitter are the kind of people that will  change the world and make it better for everyone.

Their CD “Open For Business,” is the results of a band that has several member changes over their five year journey. Throughout the changes they managed to stay a dynamic band with a message. Songs are robust, luscious, upbeat and full of energy. Vocals are delivered with unfaltering conviction through out the tracks.

My favorite song is  “19th  And Lexington”
“i can fake my gender
just as much a bender
even dressed as me
even dressed as she”
I can’t listen to it without moving. It is a great car dance tune!

Getting back to Red Fox, a friend told me that if she ever decide to be a lesbian she would go after Red Fox. Red Fox has a sensuality that intrigued her. So, when I write part 2 of my best selling autobiography You Ain’t A REAL Band Slut If You Have Never Supported A Guitar Player That Gave You Crabs I plan to lie and say I had sex with her. (The fact that I haven’t met her will be chalked up to “puffery”. )

The most impressive stat on their website: FARTHEST SHOW: Reykjavik Gay Pride, Iceland. Yes they have gay people in Iceland and no I don’t know whether Iceland is either. Being a product of a geographically deficient US education I headed to  Google.

Listen to Shitting Glitter on MySpace.

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