PoxNora for Facebook Brings Popular Strategy Game to Millions of New Players


SAN DIEGO, Calif.March 8, 2010 — Sony Online Entertainment LLC (SOE) has launched its popular turn-based strategy game PoxNora® on Facebook®. Tapping into its expertise as a preeminent online entertainment company, SOE plans to follow this inaugural Facebook launch of PoxNora with additional games for the Facebook platform based on both existing franchises and new intellectual property.

PoxNora is a combination turn-based strategy game and collectable card game set in a fantasy world of creatures, relics, and spells. SOE acquired PoxNora in January 2009, and since then the game has expanded in reach and popularity with over 2.5 million registered accounts to date.

“The Facebook platform offers gamers a new and powerful way to interact with and tap into their social communities,” said John Smedley, president of Sony Online Entertainment. “With the launch of PoxNora for Facebook, we are leveraging the expertise SOE has gained bringing entertainment to the online gaming community for over 10 years.”

From microtransactions to community play, SOE has customized the Facebook version of PoxNora to appeal to a wider social networking audience in a fun and engaging way. The new PoxNora for Facebook harnesses the platform’s social channels by allowing users to invite friends and post updates of accomplishments.

SOE is launching the Facebook version of PoxNora at a time of tremendous growth in online social gaming. The success of social gaming is largely attributed to Facebook’s wild popularity and the maturing virtual goods business.

To experience the new PoxNora for Facebook, please visit:

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