Lost Final Episode Call Sheet, Real or Fake?

Final Episode Call Sheet - SPIOLERS.

Final Episode Call Sheet - SPIOLERS.
Final Episode Call Sheet - SPOILERS.

Defamer has what looks  a call sheet for the final episode of LOST. [A call sheet is a production schedule for the cast and crew of a film or television production the day’s production schedule for a given episode of shooting, including relevant scenes and locations.]

There are spoilers but if you can’t wait to find out. Read the spoliers and see the full size Call Sheet on Defamer click on this link, then click on their small copy of the Lost Final Episode Call Sheet.

Defamer notes on their website that:
A rep for ABC informs us that the document is genuine and is “the property of ABC.” As for whether it’s the actual call sheet or a decoy version, she would only say that it “contains elements of truth.” We have been informed that ABC’s legal department will be following up with us.”

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