Randall Munroe of XKCD.com came up with the concept of Hell as a unplayable version of Tetris. If you go to XKCD.com mouse over the cartoon to see the game notes. Plan to spend some time there laughing your ass off.

Hell concept from xkcd.com

Where there is a concept there is a programmer. The following version of Tetris is Tetris Hell. Tetris Hell has a curved bottom and  the pieces fall and move the way they would in the real world. Click where it says Press Space To Play, then press the Space Bar Tetris Hell will start. Use the arrow keys to move the pieces.

See if you can be score the highest number of lines in Testris Hell.  Hopefully you won’t end up IN Tetris Hell.

Tetris Hell was developed by Kaolin Fire with Box 2D Flash AS3