Diesel’s SS’10 ‘Be Stupid’ campaign celebrates bravery, spontaneity and saying “YES”.

Are you sick of being told that all your good ideas are “stupid”? Well, we’ve got news for you: there’s nothing dumb about stupid. After all, Diesel was stupid enough to start selling new jeans that looked old – and look where that got them!

When somebody says: “Don’t be stupid”, what they’re really saying is: “Don’t have fun. Don’t be daring. Don’t provoke. Bury your sense of humour. Get serious.”

So we say: “Get lost. We’re with stupid!”

Diesel’s Be Stupid campaign is all over Piccadilly Circus, inviting people to expose their friend’s brilliant stupidity to the whole of London. All you do is simply upload a remarkably stupid photo of your friend and… they’re the star of Piccadilly Circus!

To further celebrate stupid, Diesel has £50,000 to make one very special stupid idea a reality! Now we’re asking you to Be Stupid… submit your brave ideas on Diesel Facebook page.

Be Stupid calls out to each and every one of us. It’s the key to successful living. It’s about following your heart and not your head. You can’t outsmart stupid – so don’t try. Long live stupid.

Author: Losillë
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