Meet Chromatic Entertainment: The Newest LA Based Music Promotion Company

Chromatic Entertainment Logo

Chromatic Entertainment Logo

A lot of interesting things in life come in threes: Star Wars (the old films), the rock band Muse, the Three Musketeers, ménage e trios, etc… and then there is the curious motley trio consisting of Chromatic Entertainment cofounders Christoff Elce, Farhad Irani, and Mike Turco. Chromatic Entertainment is one of Los Angeles’ newest music promotions companies geared toward providing unsigned artists with unique gigging opportunities and promotional resources.

CFM recently caught up with Christoff (“Chris”) Elce, Chromatic Entertainment : CEO/Cofounder

Why did you decide to start a music promotion company?

“We decided to start a music promotions company because we got tired of seeing independent artists get the short end of the stick when they gig. We have decided to take a stand and promote in a way that we feel actually benefits bands”,

Elce is also the guitarist and manager for the Los Angeles rock band Tangent. He holds a minor in music and nearing completion of an economics degree from Cal State Long Beach. A combination that makes him well qualified to help independent artists.

Farhad Irani, Chromatic Entertainment’s computer guru and designer of the company’s website wanted to help bands get a fair deal,

“Yeah, we don’t do the whole pay-to-play thing because we don’t believe that bands should have to pay money out of their own pocket to play shows, which is why we decided to spend a lot of time creating a fully interactive website where the bands can sell tickets to their fans”, says Irani.

Irani has a musical background on piano and a degree in computer science from Cal State Channel Islands.
(Music and a computer nerd! Have I found my perfect man?)

Chromatic Entertainment’s website does more than help bands, they sell tickets to their concert “peeps” too. The  Chromatic Entertainment website features interactive profiles with the bands who perform at the company’s music events, complete with playable songs, band bios, links to the bands’ websites, and video interviews (coming soon). Video recordings Chromatic makes of  bands performing live at their showcases are available for the bands to share with their fans via YouTube and their official sites. In addition, Elce, Irani, and Turco work hard to get as  much local press involved with their events as possible helping to promote bands even more.

Turco, a long time friend of Irani and fellow band mate/drummer with Elce in Tangent stated,

“Our company decided to take a more active role in supporting bands and to also form lasting professional relationships with them.  We want to create a strong network of musicians…a sort of ‘alliance’. We also make sure to promote the venues who work alongside us as well”

I checked out the bands that will be at the Long Beach Invasion Music Fest I rate them “This Music Doesn’t Suck”. There are some very fuckable men at this event and some hot women. Losillë

Currently, Chromatic Entertainment is gearing up for their Long Beach Invasion Music Fest, which will be held on Saturday, June 5th from 4pm to 1am at The Cellar in Downtown Long Beach. There will be nine independent rock bands featured during the event: The Deltaz, Adam Lasher Band, Tangent, The Other Side of Morning, Shuvel, Testing Tomorrow, Vice Versa, The Sirens, and The Fly By Nights. Tickets are $10 online presale and $15 at the door the day of the event. For more information, listen to the bands, or to submit your own rock band to play at one of their upcoming future music events, go to Chromatic Entertainment’s website at

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