IsoHunt And Other BitTorent Sites Forced To Close By Major Hollwood Studios

Isohunt has to Shut Down
Isohunt has to Shut Down
Isohunt has to Shut Down

The four year fight between the BitTorrent search engine IsoHunt and the MPAA’s member studios is over.  U.S. District Judge Stephen Wilson in Los Angeles has sided with the movie studios finding IsoHunt and similar websites like TorrentBox, Podtropolis and Ed2k-it guilty of  inducing copyright infringement. IsoHunt receives about about 2.5 million unique monthly visitors from the U.S. alone.

The sites are forced to stop “hosting, indexing, linking to, or otherwise providing access to any (torrent) or similar files” that can be used to download the studios’ movies and TV shows within 24 hours of the studios list of titles.

The judgment didn’t stop at BitTorrent Websites according to,

Hollywood will soon have the power to remotely disable the analog outputs on your set-top box, under a decision by federal regulators on Friday intended to prevent home recording of new movie releases.

The move by the Federal Communications Commission grants cable and satellite providers the power to block consumers from viewing just-released movies in an analog format through a process known as Selectable Output Control. Hollywood requested SOC powers as a condition of allowing providers for the first time to release movies to their in-home customers while the film is in theaters. is an excellent source of articles you need to read!

Warning to pirates: you’re no longer safe downloading movies that nobody ever heard of. Indie Filmmakers Sue Thousands of BitTorrent Users

The United States is nudging the international community to develop protocols to suspend the internet connections of customers caught downloading copyrighted works, according to a leaked draft of the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement.

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