Lost RIP Loving Recap of The Final Episode

GeekOSystem.com contributor Katelyn Moy Lapham has written an excellent list of 8 great moments from the final episode.  I think you will enjoy them.

And then it was over.  The wait was over, the show was over, and the speculation on how it would all end was over.  But the endless questions, debate, and critique – in true LOST fashion, that’s definitely not over.

Loyal viewers were continually promised by the creators, by the writers, and by the cast that the ending wouldn’t be a cop-out, and it wasn’t. Sure, everyone did die (I think?  The ending scene in the church will definitely be dissected for years to come), but heck, you tell me how you would tie everything up!  But before you roll your eyes and say “I told you so”, let me say one thing.


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