Lost The NES Video Game:It Is Not A Hoax Folks! Programmer Needed To Help Game Designer Adam Campbell

Lost NES Screenshot

When CFM asked the designer of  Lost for classic Nintendo game, Adam Campbell if the game was real or a hoax. This was his reply.

(Adam Campbell at Hot Meteor a company that specializes in web design and branding for the individual.)

Hey Losillë

Thanks for writing. I’ve had a lot of hits in a short amount of time over these… pretty cool. An actual game is up in the air, I’d definitely need help from someone with more expertise than I. However there will be more mockups coming. I actually put up more characters this morning. And there’s also going to be a central website for it all soon.
Thanks again for checking it out and posting about it!

Part One Of This Article

Lost NES Screenshot
Lost NES Screenshot
Middle Section Part B has been posted. Lost cast members are:Kate, Rose, Sun, Boone, Shannon, Michael, Walt
Group B Sprites For Lost The 8 Bit Game
Group B Sprites For Lost The 8 Bit Game
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