Ruthless Record’s Hopsin Releases Gazing At The Moonlight CD As A Free Download

LOS ANGELES, CA  – Up and coming rapper, Hopsin releases his debut album “Gazing At The Moonlight” for free to the public. “Gazing At The Moonlight” is Hopsin’s first album to be released which features hit records such as Pans In The Kitchen, Gazing At The Moonlight, and Motherfucker which all talk about Hopsin’s struggle for acceptance.

Like many kids, Hopsin wanted to be “cool”. But as hard as he tried, he never graduated past being that “weird black kid” that rode around on a skateboard. He tried to get attention by making people laugh, but he always ended up being the butt of the joke. He wrote songs for girls to get them to like him, but got no love.

Stuck in special education classes, Hopsin did not see much of a future. His teachers did nothing but reinforce the feelings that he wouldn’t amount to anything; especially if he continued to waste his time attending classes where nothing was actually being taught. So with no money and only a few real friends, Hopsin dropped out of school in 2004.

Hopsin gets his inspiration from all types of music, from 50 Cent & Alicia Keys to the All American Rejects. His creativity and raw energy come from all the people in his life that have told him that he didn’t have a future. At times his lyrics can be dark and grimy, but they only reflect all of the negativity that he has had to endure in order to get to where he is today.

Simply listening to Gazing At The Moonlight is like taking a nice breath of fresh air because it lets you know from the beginning that you are not listening to just any other rapper.  With Hopsin self-producing every song on the album, Gazing At The Moonlight is nothing short of what is to be expected when one thinks of Hip Hop.  From the first track to the last, the beats make your speakers explode, the lyrics are immensely creative, and virtually every track finds new ways to blow you away!  It’s hard to find any song on the album that doesn’t stand out, from the head-bobbingly catchy “I’m Here”, the eerie beat of “Chris Dolmeth”, to the track that exemplifies Hopsin’s style as a whole “Motherfucker”. If you are a fan of rap or hip hop of any kind, you would be doing yourself an extreme disservice by passing up on the exponentially talented Hopsin and his amazing album Gazing At The Moonlight, which Hopsin is unleashing to the public for free.


Artist(s): Hopsin
Producer(s): Hopsin
Title: Motherf*cker
Time: 04:10
Release date: 2010
Available versions: Explicit

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Artist(s): Hopsin
Producer(s): Hopsin
Title: Motherf*cker
Release date: 2010
Available versions: Explicit

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Artist(s): Hopsin
Producer(s): Hopsin
Title: Gazing At The Moonlight
Release date: 2009
Available versions: Explicit
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Gazing At The Moonlight

1. Intro Skit

2. I’m Here
3. Break It Down
4. Who Do You Think I Am
5. Sexy Cyber
6. Pans In The Kitchen
7. Story of Mine
8. Bubblies
9. Chris Dolmeth
10. The B Bop
11. Slurpin
12. Super Duper Fly
13. Motherfucker
14. Don’t Trust ‘Em
15. Gazing At The Moonlight

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