Lego Monster Chess, an incredible fully robotic chess board with a PC tablet interface.

For the AFOL (Adult Fans of LEGO) members of Team Hassenplug it became a reality. They built a really, really big, fully functioning, animatronic, 3D chess game. Not as big as Wizard’s Chess but with features like “Uses Bluetooth to communicate with individual chess pieces”  it is just as awesome.

Quick Facts

  • Over 100,000 LEGO® pieces
    • 37,612 in the chess board
    • 17,748 in the robot bases
    • 17,114 in the bodies
    • 22,688 in the mosaics
    • 1,853 in the move selection center
  • Total retail cost: around $30,000
  • Size of board: 156ft2 (14.5m2)
  • Took 4 people about a year to create
  • Opponent types
    • Human vs Human
    • Human vs Computer
    • Computer vs Computer
  • Play options
    • Normal chess game
    • Chess puzzle
    • Replay historical match
  • Programming languages used
  • LabVIEW for the robots
  • C# for the PC user interface
  • Interfaces with standard chess engine

**Please note divorce stats for this year long project were not listed.

This is the main introduction video that explains how it works. It also gives you the perspective on the size of the project.

This clip shows a single game being played out. It’s a pretty short game, played by a chess master.

Monster Chess and other Lego projects will be presented to the AFOLs and their offspring June 17-20 at  Brickworld, 20,000 square feet of Lego mania.  Brickworld will be held at the Westin Hotel in Wheeling, IL in the Northwest suburbs of Chicago. If you are in the area drop by and don’t forget to buy a raffle ticket. Raffle proceeds will go to the three charities that benefit from the Esther Walner Memorial Charity Auction.

Wear shoes! Lego’s are notorious for escaping and hurt like hell if you step on one.