In my on going quest to bring you the most fuckable men in music I bring you King Hell. They are sexy, hot, talented with a mix of disturbing behavior that makes them fit comfortably into the “fun men” category. I usually lie and say I had sex with one/all the band members but in view of King Hell’s penchant for the unusual,  they will  be saved for an entry in the Band Slut Diaries (part three of my autobiography.)

King Hell!’s Blog Provides A Peek Into The Band’s Wild World Featuring ‘The King Hell Report’ Video Clips—A Weekly Whiskey-Fueled Rant By Co-Lead Singer Doc Thompson With 900,000+ Views Online

King Hell’s dueling vocals of Samwell and Doc Thompson, joined by guitarist Mötherfökker (aka Möfö), drummer Shille-Lee, and bassist Zigabot, will bring their theatrical stage personas and raw energy performance to fans and newcomers at Manhattan’s Highline Ballroom for the “Gotham Rocks Showcase” on Thursday, July 29.

Fans looking for a deeper connection with King Hell! must check out the band’s blog at A representation of their outrageous performances and loud personalities, this hilarious blog takes you inside the daily musings of the guys and features Doc Thompson’s video blogs called the King Hell Report. With over 900,000 views, The King Hell Report is “a weekly whiskey-fueled rant” from the band’s co-lead singer.

Legendary “gonzo journalist” Hunter S. Thompson made up his own adjective to describe the ultimate of something: “It was the king hell of all parties!” No doubt, the late great author of “Fear and Loathing In Las Vegas” would feel the same sense of visceral energy if he’d had the chance to check out King Hell!, the furious and funky, intensely tongue-in-cheek, indie powerhouse named after his turn of phrase.

July 29
“Gotham Rocks Showcase”
at Highline Ballroom
431 West 16th Street
New York, NY
7 p.m.
All ages
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