Tim Kring to discuss his first book venture “SHIFT” at 2010 Comic Con


Tim Kring (Creator of “HEROES”) will be on-hand at the 2010 Comic Con to discuss his first venture into book publishing, “SHIFT”.

Living up to its name, SHIFT: A Novel (Crown, August 10, 2010) is a new kind of supernatural thriller—a unique amalgam of history, alternate reality, sci-fi, espionage, and conspiracy.

The year is 1963. The Cold War is in full swing, but so is the Civil Rights Movement. There’s an idealist young president in the White House, but his handling of the Bay of Pigs and the Cuban Missile Crisis has alienated both the right and the left —including prominent members of both the FBI and CIA.

SHIFT, the first book in the Gate of Orpheus trilogy, unfolds against this backdrop of Old Guard versus New, offering a diverse cast of characters whose actions will shape the world we live in fifty years later. At the center is Chandler Forrestal, the black sheep of America’s first family of intelligence, who is changed forever when he is unwittingly dragged into a CIA mind-control.

Tim Kring will hold a panel on Friday, July 23rd at Comic Con to discuss the book.  Kring will be joined by actor Zachary Quinto, who skyrocketed to fame as Sylar in Kring’s NBC show “HEROES”.  There will be an interview and Q&A session in Room 5AB from 1:30-2:30 pm.  Kring will also be doing an autograph session in the Sails pavillion Table AA8 from 3-4pm that day.

Check back with CFM for an update on the panel and information on what Tim Kring has planned for this exciting series!


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