“HEROES” Creator Tim Kring and actor Zachary Quinto talk “Shift” at 2010 Comic Co. Win a copy of Shift

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Tim Kring, creator of the TV series “HEROES” has a new book project “SHIFT” which will debut in August from Crown Books.

Set in the crucible of the 1960s, Shift is the story of Chandler Forrestal, a man whose life is changed forever when he is unwittingly dragged into a CIA mind-control experiment. After being given a massive dose of LSD, Chandler de­velops a frightening array of mental powers. With his one-in-a-billion brain chemistry, Chandler’s heightened perception uncovers a plot to assassi­nate President Kennedy.

Tim Kring visited the 2010 Comic Con in San Diego and brought along his friend Zachary Quinto (Sylar from HEROES) to discuss the project.  Tim was nice enough to take time out of his busy schedule to answer a few questions specifically for CFM readers:

Tim Kring and Zachary Quinto

CFM: Why did you decide to venture into book publishing?  Was it something you were always interested in?

TIM KRING: I had secretly always wanted to write a book, but as a constantly working writer in Hollywood, I had never found the time.  In the last few years I had been approached by my agency who had interest from some publishers for me to do a book.  I was extremely busy with Heroes and hadn’t given it much thought.  But then the Writers strike came along and I suddenly found myself with an imposed break.  With no day job in front of me I soon came up with the idea for the Gate Of Orpheus trilogy.  SHIFT, the first in the trilogy, goes on-sale August 10th.

CFM: What would be your ideal future plans for this project?  Would you like to see it end up as a feature film or television project?

TK: I am currently working on the screenplay.  It is an idea that could easily lend itself to a feature.  Haven’t yet figured out how it’s a TV show.  I’d like to see a series of graphic novels as well.

CFM: Regarding HEROES – when it was cancelled there was some talk of bringing it back in another form, is that still in the works?

TK: I feel very strongly that the fans deserve the series to be wrapped up in a way that honors the show and the fans’ commitment to it.  My assumption is that NBC shares this feeling and will revisit these discussions soon.  As the number one downloaded show in the world for the last three years, Heroes is clearly an extremely potent brand around the world.  It posits a universe with an endless number of characters and an infinite number of stories.

You can get your hands on what is sure to be an amazing read when “SHIFT” comes out on August 10th from Crown Books.  But exclusively for CFM readers, we have one advanced reading copy of “SHIFT” to give away now!  It’s easy to enter, just leave a comment to this post with your name, phone number and your favorite HEROES character and you are entered!  Winner will be chosen on August 1st and will be notified by email.

Thanks to Tim Kring for making the time to answer some questions for CFM and thanks to Crown Books for all of their help!

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