Syfy Network feeds hungry attendees at 2010 Comic Con

Syfy network has taken over the Hard Rock Hotel’s normal cafe and transformed it into “Cafe Diem” for the 2010 Comic Con.  After a successful run last year, employees redid the entire restaurant to represent Syfy Network shows.  The chairs have been replaced with “Cafe Diem” seating, the walls and tables have been transformed with photos and graphics of Syfy shows, and even the menus have gone Syfy.  Items include The Fargonator (classic club sandwich), Will Zimmerman’s Veggie Chili, The Cylon (grilled chicken caesar salad) and of course the Ghost Hunters root beer phantom float. 


The food is outstanding and each time you eat at the cafe, you get a ticket which entitles you to a photo session in their Syfy photo booth that gives you a photo of you with a Syfy show border!

The Cafe Diem is open thru Sunday for Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner and is located on 5th street a block from the San Diego Convention Center.

Author: Suzanne Philips
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