Cute Little Live Pigs Turned Into Piggy Banks. Dark, Evil, Sick Or Just Plain Disturbing?

Piggy Bank From A Real Piglet

The is offering a piggy bank made from a real pig. Below is the text from the website. They charge $4,000 for the piggy bank and it takes a year to deliver. Their clam is they only use pigs that die of natural causes.  One can only speculate as to the placement of the plug, it is not listed on the website.

Should this be view as no different than roasting a piglet at a bar-b-q?

Somewhere out there is a metal band that wants one of these for their stage.

Its a real piglet that has been taxidermied and inserted with what all piglets probably dream of as babies, a coin storage unit and a cork plug.
Make your plush overpriced apartment complete with this little guy.

The piglet bank will take up to 12 months to produce from the time of order. We expect half the money up front and half when the piglet had been completed. Just so you know that we don’t actually kill the Piglets, they die of natural causes and these are the ones that we use.

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