“Heroes” Star Masi Oka Hits the Shores of “Hawaii 5-0”

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Article by Suzanne Philips

Actor Masi Oka has left the “Heroes” universe for the beautiful beaches of “Hawaii 5-0”.  Beginning October 18th, Oka will play Medical Examiner Max Bergmam.  The character was a child prodigy playing the piano and Oka says that while he studied piano, “I can’t play by ear.  If you give me the sheet music I can do it but I can’t play it by ear”.   The character of Max Bergman is a bit of a departure from his previous role.  “Max is in his own world.  He plays the piano to help him think.  He thinks logically through the music.  He is really a bit of a mad professor.  It takes him about 5 minutes into a conversation to realize there are actually other people around!”

Hawaii 5-0 has consistently been tops in the ratings since it’s debut and Masi says he is “happy to be a part of the CBS family.  The cast and crew is really amazing.  I knew Daniel Day Kim from around but haven’t gotten the chance to work with him.  About 80 percent of the crew I know from somewhere else.  Scott (Caan) and Alex (O’Laughlin) actually do banter off-screen just like they do on camera!”

Does working around the blood and bodies make Oka squemish?  “Actually, yes.  When I see blood I am like – AAAH! I always try to stay away from the medical shows, not only because of the blood but because the medical jargon is really difficult to pick up.”  Another challenge?  “Putting on the latex gloves!  It’s the hardest thing.  I would always have 2 fingers in one finger opening and have to go on with the scene.  It’s hard to get them on smoothly.  They should teach a special seminar on how to put on the gloves.”

Oka was working on the film “The Dutchman” with Kurtzman and Orci when they asked him to do “Hawaii 5-0” and he was happy to do it.  “With any remake, you have that Nostalgia factor.  The show is pretty violent but it’s also very smart and sexy.  You have a beautiful location that is actually a character in the show.”

Check out Hawaii 5-0 on Mondays at 10:00 pm on CBS and for more info check out www.cbs.com/primetime/hawaii_five_0/

Author: Suzanne Philips
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  1. CSI Miami is still a great show with a big following. The show has been dumped on Sunday nights , with repeats, delays ….CBS should had never moved it from Mondays.

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