What Is A Publicist And Why Does My Band Need One?

Bands are sometimes confused about what a publicist does, others aren’t aware they exist.  When I started the website I rejected the idea of press releases, then some how Luck Media and I came together.  Their well written press releases and the caliber of their entertainers changed my mind. I have met some excellent bands through them.
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This Q&A is with Jen Onsum a I publicist I respect. She is with an excellent company Luck Media and her answers should clear up the publicist/press release confusion.

1. What is a press release? A press release is a written document used to announce news to the media and the public. The news can be a new single/video, new album, tour, special show, chart success, endorsements… basically anything deemed to be newsworthy.
2. What is a publicist? A publicist is a representative hired to make sure the media knows about you and works to get you media attention. They also work to help get you in the public eye.
3. What does a publicist do? A publicist does a variety of activities. The basics of what a publicist does is write and distribute press releases, sends out press kits, pitches interviews / album reviews / TV appearances / show reviews / show previews / spotlights / etc., coordinates interviews. But it goes much beyond that… we consult on photos, image and branding. We solicit event participation and help secure endorsements. We provide media training to prepare you for interviews. We attend interviews and events with you when necessary. Basically beyond the basics we help shape your image and your career and help make sure you are the best you can be. Also, in this digital age, we also help with your online presence from advising on your social media efforts to providing and managing content.
4. Why do I need a publicist? Publicists are the experts on the media. We know how to reach them and what they’re interested in. We have established connections with them to utilize to get you the coverage you need and deserve. We also have connections with various aspects of the entertainment and business industry that we can utilize to help build and enhance your career. We are very resourceful and full of insight.
5. Does my band need to have certain qualifications to hire a company like Luck Media? You should have music available or that will soon be available. If there’s no music, there’s little we can share with the media to introduce you to them and get their interest. Beyond that, the more active the band is with shows etc., the better.
6. What do I need to look for it I want to hire a publicist? You definitely want a company with experience and especially in your genre. A company known for having a good reputation and that can provide references is also important. They should also show enthusiasm and interest in working with you by showing they have at least checked you out by referencing something about your music, sound, web site, etc., as it’s easy to just say “Yes, of course we can work with you!”
7. What would I want to avoid? A company that doesn’t have experience and especially in your genre. Check out their web site. If there’s not a lot of information on the web site about the company, services, past and present clients, examples of their work, and complete contact information, you should look elsewhere.
8. How much does a publicist cost? The cost really varies. It varies from company to company and the kinds of services provided.

When you think your band is ready to break out you can reach Jen Onsum at 
Luck Media & Marketing, Inc.
1131 Alta Loma Road, Suite 404
West Hollywood, CA 90069
Phone: 818.232.4175
General E-mail: info@luckmedia.com

Author: Losillë
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