GI Jams rocks the Cannery in Las Vegas

Article by Suzanne Philips

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GI Jams, dedicated to giving those in the military who are musically talented the opportunity to be heard and get some financial gain from their music and talent, held a blockbuster concert at the Las Vegas Cannery Hotel and Casino to celebrate their one year anniversary on Friday, November 12th.

Electrifying performances by some of GI Jams’ registered artists were; American Attitude, a Jacksonville-based rock band, Wyoming’s popular country band Joe Speed Band ,singer/songwriters Corey Bower and Adrian Manuel, San Antonio-based southern rock/metal band Destruction Evolution, singerMarine Lt. Col. Jerard Brewer and Hammond B-3 organ players Ric Ulsky and Rick McDermid of Dark and McDermid.

Co-Founders Denny Randell and Biddy Schippers, who are both accomplished and well-known songwriters, felt that this is an important project to honor those men and women who risk their lives to keep our country safe.  “We are in the music business, we are very greatful for what has happened in our life and wanted to give back.” said Denny Randell.  “We wanted to take artists that were on the site and give them the opportunity to connect with the public.”

The bands and artists who got to perform at the event were very grateful.  Randell says that “The military members appreciate the fact that with all that they are contending with, some of them being in active war zones, that they are given the opportunity to perform and focus on their talent and that part of their lives.  Biddy and I wanted to do everything that we can to give back to them in appreciation of all they do for us.” 

And clearly, the soldiers do appreciate Randell and Schippers. They were deeply touched the night of the event when some of the soldiers presented them with a personalized plaque thanking the organization for their support and patriotism.

The Las Vegas community really has gotten behind the GI Jams project.  “It’s our 1 year anniversary of the GI Jams website and we got a lot of support from the community in Las Vegas.” says Biddy Schippers.   “KOMP radio did a half hour program on our event and a follow up the day before the show.  Fox TV had one of the military artists from our site, Cory Bower, on their newscast.  We have been getting great community support. ”  And the Vegas community at large turned out in great numbers to see the talent these soldiers had to offer and appreciated the event as a whole.

Denny Randell says that there is more in store for the coming year. “We are working on some other GI Jams events and some live shows depending on the schedules of our performers who are active military.  We are going to make the Veteran’s Day event an annual event here in Las Vegas.”

And some more good news – Schippers told CFM that “All of the artists featured on the website,www., will be on the compilation album, GI Jams first album which will be released after the first of the year.”

For more information on GI Jams, check out their website, where you can download songs with 100% of the profits going to the military artists.

Thanks to Denny Randell and Biddy Schippers for taking the time to speak with CFM and check back with us for more info on upcoming GI Jams events.


Author: Suzanne Philips
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