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Show me your TARDIS and I will show you mine. Wink wink nudge nudge

Show me your TARDIS and I will show you mine. Wink wink nudge nudge

Enter your Homemade TARDIS to win a Private Doctor Who Screening Event and over 100 Doctor Who DVDs. Go to Transcending Time and Space Where is the

Glenn, the Flying Robot

Glenn, the Flying Robot

Thanks to Mr. Goldstein for agreeing to the interview. He has a delightful sense of humor!

(I am looking forward to seeing Glenn, The Flying Robot.  Billy Boyd, kissing, a kick-ass robot, Billy Boyd, and of course Billy Boyd, what’s not to like?)
There is a synopsis of Glenn, The Flying Robot is at the end of the interview.
Glenn, The Flying Robot;
rated NR (not rated)
can be purchased 2/23/2011 on DVD check website about advance orders.
has been rated 4 1/2 out of 5 stars
is listed as “high quality science fiction”.
run time 82 min

Glenn, The Flying Robot cast includes:

Billy Boyd                    Jack
Dominic Gould          Henry
Patrick Bauchau       Richard
Gérard Depardieu     TV Reporter
Smadi Wolfman         Lana

Is Glenn an acronym? If so, what does it stand for?


Glenn, the Flying Robot is listed as Sci-Fi will I need to be a geek to enjoy the film?

Not at all. It’s for everyone!

When I read a story the author’s description and my imagination gives me a mental picture of the character. After I see the movie, the actor becomes blended with or replaces the character in my head.  When you write a story you have the characters in your head. When you are directing do you mold the actor to fit your character or allow the actor to influence the character?

Obviously I allow the actor to influence the character. In the end, the actors know the characters more than the director, I think.

After you made Glenn, the Flying Robot, did your concept of the characters change?

Yes, because reality makes things evolve, and when you shoot, things get real.

Does the actor’s portrayal of the character replace the one you “saw” in your head or are they two different entities?

My actors have become my characters. I couldn’t think of Jack or Henry today as being different from the actors that portray them.

Where did the idea for Glenn, the Flying Robot come from?

My inspiration.

Do you play the piano?


Do you use people you have met to form your characters?

A little bit maybe… but not too consciously.

The original title for Glenn, the Flying Robot was Glenn 3948. Tell us about the name change.

My US sales agent told me the name was not seller enough. So I came up with that suggestion.

Basically Billy is affiliated with CFM. If I don’t ask about Billy Boyd’s part in Glenn, the Flying Robot I will get a good scolding.

How did Billy Boyd come to play the part of Jack?

Because he liked the script.

He is always clever and funny in interviews, did you find that to be true when working with him?

Yes indeed.

Is Jack the character Billy Boyd plays in Glenn, the Flying Robot a good guy or bad guy?  (Don’t tell us if it is a spoiler.)

He’s just a human being, with his strengths and weaknesses.

I hope Lana (Smadi Wolfman) comes to her senses and stays with Jack. (Don’t tell me.) The most important question is; does Smadi Wolman get to kiss or have a romantic scene with Billy Boyd?

For you to discover…

Do you have a behind the scenes story about the writing and/or filming of Glenn, the Flying Robot?

Too many to tell in one  line!

Is there anything I haven’t covered in the interview that you would like moviegoers to know about Glenn, the Flying Robot?

I suppose the best would be for everyone to make one’s own opinion from the film. I don’t know whether people should have in mind what I wanted to convey. Generally what the viewers will see is likely to be different form what the movie makers intended to bring them… So…

The name suggests a movie that might be light hearted and fun. The summary on IMDB includes, “GLENN will jeopardize everybody and everything around them” is there a dark side to Glenn?

Yes there’s a dark side. After all, aren’t the robots getting more and more human nowadays?

Will we leave the theater happy even if there is no kissing of Billy Boyd?

What about the robot kissing Billy Boyd?… No, it’s just a joke!

Synopsis from IMDB

Henry and Jack are two famous and talented pianists: they are rivals and try to outdo each other in the various music events where they regularly compete. They have known each other since their days at the music academy and developed a very strong friendship.

They met Lana there and Jack had an affair with her then. This friendship deteriorated along the years and Lana left Jack for Henry. Jack’s resentment towards Henry will increase even further when he realizes that although his talent as a pianist is as great a talent as Henry’s, he always ended up second… behind Henry. Simultaneously, Lana slowly realized that the only thing Henry cares about is his job. When she gets pregnant, he tells her he doesn’t want the child and she leaves him, taking refuge with Jack who thus finds a way to get back at Henry.

From that point, the former friends will clash with no mercy, from contest to contest until the day a domestic robot, GLENN, enters their lives. GLENN will jeopardize everybody and everything around them but will also lead them into the most challenging soul searching. NB: to be updated by Marc Goldstein Written by Marc Goldstein

A group of 10 men accused of making nearly $500,000 through the fraudulent downloads.

A group of 10 men accused of making nearly $500,000 through the fraudulent downloads.

A songwriter used stolen credit cards to buy his own tunes online and make thousands of pounds in royalty payments, a judge heard.
Lamar Johnson, 19, posted music on iTunes and Amazon and then used the stolen details to buy them thousands of times over.
Helen Malcolm QC, prosecuting, said Johnson used ‘compromised credit card details’ in order to cream royalties from the music sales.

Source with details Daily Mail

New Hip Hop Music by Dupreme - "iPod"

New Hip Hop Music by Dupreme - "iPod"

Today in the world of music, it seems as though most artists are convinced that if they produce a recording the public will automatically respond in a positive manner. This is hardly ever the case! As a matter of fact, most artists never get discovered or really get heard, beyond their own inner circle of friends, and family. Unfortunately, as time continues, talent seems to have less and less to do with musical success; just listen to the radio; but every so often an artist appears that has something very, very special; then it becomes a matter of exposure, and when a manager or a recording company is blessed enough to discover an artist who works extra hard at perfecting his talent and craft…it’s going to be a really good day!!! Dupreme is such an artist!!!

Dupreme Ammonds was born in the East New York section of Brooklyn New York. In his early years, his family moved to Southeastern Virginia where he attended High School. His talent, dedication, and drive overwhelmed the entire staff of Carpe Diem Artist Development Group, and Famous Records. We all agree that we have an artist with true talent, and potential staying power… In our opinion, Dupreme is definitely destined for greatness…you be the judge. Here is his debut CD, “Humanized Robotics”.


Our wish for our faithful patrons is to enjoy this holiday time with your family

SPIRIT OF THE SUWANNEE MUSIC PARK, LIVE OAK – The Spirit of the Suwannee Music Park (SOSMP) extends warm holiday wishes to all our friends and faithful patrons who enjoy dining at the SOS Café and Restaurant and enjoy the wonderful music, dancing and activities held in the Music Hall each week. In the spirit of the season, this week, we’re giving those employees time off Christmas Eve day and Christmas Day, Dec. 24-25, to be with their families for the holidays. For these two days only our regular Friday and Saturday night music events in the Music Hall will not be held and the SOS Café and Restaurant  will also be closed. The SOS Cafe and Restaurant will re-open Sunday, Dec. 26, at regular hours with breakfast beginning at 7:30 a.m. for your enjoyment.SOSMP President/CEO James Cornett and staff extend best wishes for a great holiday season to you and yours and hope to see you next week when the SOSMP will return to it’s regular schedule Monday and Thursday night with Ted “Teddy Mac” McMullen and karaoke in the Music Hall, along with New Year’s Eve and New Year’s evening events.

Suwannee Lights will continue through Christmas Eve and the Store of the Village will also remain open Christmas Eve–only the Music Hall and SOS Cafe and Restaurant will be closed.

For more information about overnight reservations at the SOSMP, these events or for information about any of the exciting upcoming events at the SOSMP such as the 2011 Suwannee River Jam, call the SOSMP at 386-364-1683, email or go to the website at

Article by Suzanne Philips

Photos copyright Larry Cunningham/CFM

Las Vegas’ Santa Fe Station Hotel and Casino was the site of Sunday’s Fueled by the Fallen/Toys for Tots Poker Tournament and Toy Drive.   Active and retired military personnel and poker enthusiasts crowded into the Santa Fe Station’s Poker Room for a fun day of poker and to support 2 great charities: Fulled by the Fallen, whose Memorial Race Car Tour displays allow the public to honor fallen military and police personnel and the Marines Toys for Tots program which helps bring toys to children in need during the holidays. 

Fueled by the Fallen's Kevyn Major Howard with a Memorial Car

Kevyn Major Howard, creator of Fueled by the Fallen, presented Santa Fe Station with a beautiful plaque to commemorate the event, which will be displayed on the casino property. 

Fulled by the Fallen's Tiffanie Kalisz presents Santa Fe Stations Mike Shore with plaque

The Poker tournament raised $1,000 for charity and was won by Rob of Las Vegas.  Toys for Tots received a lot of great toys and donations which will go a long way in making a needy child’s holiday a bit brighter.

For more information on Fueled by the Fallen check out and to find out how to donate to the Marine’s Toys for Tots program, visit

The unique Liberty Silver was the first Black woman in Canada to receive a Juno Award and in fact won 2 Juno awards on the same night and has since made history as the only multiple Juno Award Winner and Nominee besides Bryan Adams. Having spent her entire life to date moulding her voice around Jazz, R&B, Soul & Gospel… that can expand 6-1/2 octaves. Famous Records is now proud to present this wonderful lady to the world with a NEW series of albums. From the basement mini-concerts as a young girl to opening up for Bob Marley at the Madison Square Garden, Liberty Silver has been singing around the world and touching lives by her musical stanza… She has sang for President Barack Obama and opened shows, among many others, for the likes of:- B.B. King, Celine Dion, The Temptations, Harry Belafonte, Natalie Cole, Jeffery Osborne, Gladys Knight & Oscar Peterson. Liberty Silver was also recently nominated for the Best Female Vocal and Original Composition Award at the Canadian Smooth Jazz Awards, honoring George Benson. Through her collaboration with Northern Lights on the “Tears are not Enough”, she received a Grammy!

Purchase “A Timeless Christmas” By Liberty Silver On iTunes Now!

Saturday, Jan. 1, 2011 Mike Mullis and WhooWhee will rock the house!

Saturday, Jan. 1, 2011 Mike Mullis and WhooWhee will rock the house!

SPIRIT OF THE SUWANNEE MUSIC PARK, LIVE OAK – Get your tickets now for the huge New Year’s Eve celebration at the Spirit of the Suwannee Music Park Dec. 31 with Loren Propper and his band! Tickets are $60 per couple or $35 per person and include all you can eat finger food buffet, party favors, toast at midnight, dancing and fun! There will also be a cash bar.

New Year’s Eve tickets should be purchased in advance. You may also book a beautiful cabin for the weekend! Call 386-364-1683 for cabin or RV site prices.

Make this a special night for you and your loved one as you usher in the new year!

But wait, the weekend is still young! New Year’s night, Saturday, Jan. 1, 2011, Mike Mullis and his band WhooWhee will entertain in the Music Hall beginning at 8 p.m. There will also be an auction beginning at 6 p.m. in conjunction with the annual New Year’s Trail Ride event. Gather the holiday company and head on out for this exciting event and start the new year off with lots of fun, dancing and music!

Admission Saturday night is $5 with the $5 applied to your evening’s food and beverage tab. The SOS Café and Restaurant will have available at regular prices delicious food from the menu. Doors to the Music Hall open at 5 p.m.

Don’t forget the SOS Café and Restaurant has sports TV in the Music Hall and café so you won’t miss any of the big games when you’re visiting with us!

For more information about overnight reservations at the SOSMP, these events, to purchase tickets or for information about any of the exciting upcoming events at the SOSMP such as the 2011 Suwannee River Jam, call the SOSMP at 386-364-1683, email or go to the website at

Rapper G-Dep Confesses To Committing Murder...In 1993

Rapper G-Dep Confesses To Committing Murder...In 1993

After 17 years of living with guilt, Trevell Coleman, better known as rapper G-Dep, walked into the 25th Precinct on Wednesday and admitted to fatally shooting a man outside of an East Harlem housing project almost two decades ago. The victim was John Henkel, a Queens man whom Coleman attempted to rob on the night of October 19th, 1993. “It was just eating away at him,” said one police source.

Coleman reportedly confessed that Henkel resisted the robbery and grabbed his .40-caliber gun. Coleman then allegedly pulled away and shot Henkel three times in the chest, and upon review of the cold-case file all of Coleman’s details matched. Coleman was 18 at the time, but has been arrested 25 times since 2003 for drugs, burglary and grand larceny. He has been charged with murder, and is being held without bail.

Coleman is best known for his album Child Of The Ghetto, featuring the single “Let’s Get It.”. He was signed to rapper Diddy’s Bad Boy Records at the time, and Diddy performed on the single. Coleman reportedly no longer has ties to the label and is currently signed to Florida based “FAMOUS RECORDS” headed by Industry veteran Jeffrey Collins.

Collins is reportedly “in shock”! We have recently released his NEW album “Ghetto Legend” and had some great plans for promoting his forthcoming single “Hold On” quoted one of his label’s representatives.

G. Dep originally joined the Bad Boy family during the rebuilding years following the Notorious B.I.G.’s death in the late ’90s. Hailing from the same Harlem streets of fellow Bad Boy rapper Black Rob, Dep, aka the Deputy, first appeared on Rob’s 1999 debut album and subsequently continued to make cameos with other Bad Boy artists. Following Puff Daddy’s conversion to P. Diddy, Bad Boy entered its Saga Continues era, beginning with Diddy’s album of the same name. Dep played an important role in this Bad Boy era, being second only to Black Rob as Diddy’s right-hand man. Dep’s debut album, Child of the Ghetto, appeared in late 2001, featuring “Let’s Get It,” one of the better songs on the previously released Saga Continues, along with the lead single “Special Delivery.” He resurfaced in 2007 on Bad Boy with an independently produced album featuring Loon, another Bad Boy artist. Now that he has joined the FAMOUS RECORDS family, We trust you will enjoy listening to the man from the ghetto! Click Below for his New Single entitled “Hold On”.

Blaspheme! Moifaux over at has posted a crossover idea that has caused an internet stir. Others were quick to follow his lead. Click photo for full size.

I posted this a week ago and now it seems to have kicked off a meme on other sites like The Daily What and even spawned a whole huge thread on geekosystem.

Honestly, this feels, weird. It’s not like I have any ownership over the image, it’s just something stupid I originally posted on /b and and then thought would be fun on Reddit. Moifaux on Reddit.

Lord of the Rings actor, Billy Boyd said:

“Gamu’s single with the Aberlour choir is a really strong contender for the number 1 spot this Christmas. Knowing that all the money made from the single will help vulnerable and disadvantaged kids is reason enough to buy it. I’d love to see the public get behind Gamu to make her fantastic single a hit this Christmas.” Source Gamu For Christmas

Buy the song on iTunes. The proceeds plus matching donations from various sponsors will go to the charity.

The proceeds from the sell of this song will go to the Aberlour Scoutland’s Children’s Charity.

Aberlour is the largest, solely Scottish, children’s charity and we provide help to over 6000 of Scotland’s most vulnerable children, young people and their families each year.

Our dedicated team of over 700 staff work across the country in more than 40 services, from Stranraer to Elgin & Aberdeenshire ,helping children and young people who need additional care and support to achieve their potential and to live safe, fulfilling lives.  At Aberlour we have adapted and customised our services in response to the changing needs of vulnerable children, young people and their families over the 130 years since the Aberlour orphanage was established in 1875.  We help:

•           children whose lives are affected by parental drug and alcohol dependency
•           young people who have social, educational and behavioural difficulties
•           children and young people who run away from home and are exposed to risk of harm
•           children and young people who have a disability
•           young children  to experience positive parenting, play and early learning

Aberlour Choir/Gamu for No 1 on Facebook

Other ways to donate.

Artists will be announced soon! Make weekend reservations today!

Artists will be announced soon! Make weekend reservations today!

SPIRIT OF THE SUWANNEE MUSIC PARK, LIVE OAK – Suwannee River Jam fans, the 20th year of the largest country music jam in the South is coming to the Spirit of the Suwannee Music Park (SOSMP) in Live Oak, Fla April 28-30, 2011! This year’s blow-out event is sure to feature some of the best country music artists in the business! Mark your calendars, purchase your tickets as Christmas gifts now on EZ pay and make your weekend reservations ASAP!

Past artists such as Zac Brown Band, John Fogerty, Brad Paisley, Wynona, Miranda Lambert, Jason Aldean, Carrie Underwood (fresh from the American Idol win!), Mel McDaniel, John Berry, Montgomery Gentry, Aaron Tippin, Dierks Bentley, Trace Adkins, Terri Clark, Alabama’s Jeff Cook, LoCash Cowboys, Jason Michael Carroll, Josh Thompson, TG Sheppard, John Anderson, James Otto, Jamey Johnson, Colt Ford, Blake Shelton, Charlie Daniels, Rascal Flats, Jo Dee Messina, Joe Diffie, Collin Raye, Tracy Byrd, Daryl Worley, Suzie Boggus, David Cooler, .38 Special, Sawyer Brown, Mark Chesnutt, Travis Tritt, Toby Keith, Lee Ann Womack, Trisha Yearwood, Lorrie Morgan, Faith Hill, Tim McGraw, Mountain Heart Band, Ricky Van Shelton, Diamond Rio, Tracy Lawrence, John Michael Montgomery, Rhett Akins, Eddy Raven, Jo-El Sonnier, Leann Rimes, Ken Melon, Daryle Singletary, Oak Ridge Boys, Williams and Ree comedy team, Sammy Kershaw, Pam Tillis, Alabama, Lee Roy Parnell, Trisha Yearwood, Eddie Rabbit, Tim McGraw, Bill Monroe and the Bluegrass Boys, Blackhawk, Confederate Railroad, Willie Nelson, Waylon Jennings, Merle Haggard, Billy Ray Cyrus, Patty Loveless, George Jones, Jeff Foxworthy, Kenny Rogers, Alan Jackson, Tanya Tucker, Hank Williams Jr., Bellamy Brothers, Restless Heart, Tammy Wynette, Shenandoah, Kansas and Justin Moore have given the Suwannee River Jam the reputation of having the best of the best in country music jams! You do not want to miss the 2011 party!


To purchase tickets, call the SOSMP at 386-364-1683, email us at or go to to events and click on Suwannee River Jam April 28-30 for complete info on tickets and accommodations. Along with VIP and general seating tickets cabin rental, recreational vehicle rental spaces and primitive camping is also available. Cabins rent fast so contact us NOW! ADVANCE TICKETS THROUGH DEC. 31 ARE:

Regular admission for adults

$90; Children 6-12 $45.VIP Gold $400 adults

, includes exclusive reserved seating within rows 1-10, three buffet meals, reduced beverages prices, free drink specials, free parking, Surprise Special appearances and Unplugged Jam Performances.VIP Silver $200 adults,

includes reduced beverages prices, free drink specials, free parking, Surprise Special appearances and Unplugged Jam Performances. Both Gold and Silver VIP tickets are almost sold out – hurry and get yours now!A TIME AND PLACE TO ENJOY YOURSELF!

This year’s 20th anniversary will be the best yet, and you just don’t dare miss it! It will be a reunion of friends, family and music lovers, a fun time to kick back, hang out with your friends and make new ones, let your hair down and see and hear some of the best country artist in the business perform! The 20th anniversary will be special, and you’re invited to help make it the best! The Jam will be music, fun, impromptu jams around campfires and good times everywhere for three big days!


There will be vendors galore with everything for sale from recreational vehicles and cowboy hats to every kind of festival food imaginable.


The Spirit of the Suwannee Music Park is located at 3076 95th Drive 4.5 miles north of Live Oak, Fl off US 129 at the famous Suwannee River. The park is 4.5 miles south of Interstate 75 and 4.5 miles north of Interstate 10 off US 129. Keep an eye out for our sign and our white painted board fence!


While at the SOSMP, you may enjoy jam sessions with other musicians, take canoe trips, bicycle, play mini or pro quality disc golf, hike amazing trails, enjoy a rented golf cart over miles and miles of pristine woods, eat at our SOS Café and Restaurant, shop our Store of the Village and Craft Village where you‘ll find many treasures, have a lip-smacking good ice cream cone, sundae or just sit on the banks of the Suwannee River and enjoy…..the possibilities are endless!

The SOSMP has RV sites, primitive camping and beautiful, luxurious cabins available for your pleasure during your stay on the banks of the famous Suwannee River in North Florida. You may even want to explore the possibility of having your own comfortable cabin on the banks of the Suwannee River! Ask us about cabin ownership!

For more information, go to, email us at or call us at 386-364-1683 to inquire about Jam tickets, accommodations and the many other events coming up next year! We’ll be looking for ya’ll!

photos copyright Suzanne Philips

The Paley Center for MEDIA Announces PaleyFest2011 The Twenty-Eighth Annual William S. Paley Television Festival March 4–18, 2011, at Saban Theatre in Beverly Hills, CA

Evenings Honoring True Blood, The Walking Dead, 10 seasons of American Idol and a reunion of the casts of Judd Apatow’s Freaks & Geeks and Undeclared are the first four honorees revealed from PaleyFest2011’s 12-Event Lineup

Los Angeles, CA—The Paley Center for Media will present the twenty-eighth annual PaleyFest: The William S. Paley Television Festival (PaleyFest2011) from March 4 to 18, 2011, returning to the historic Saban Theatre in Beverly Hills, California. The Festival is also revealing four of its 2011 honorees: HBO’s True Blood, AMC’s The Walking Dead,  FOX’s American Idol, which will be honored for its ten seasons on the air, and the seminal cult classics Freaks & Geeks and Undeclared, which will be jointly honored on one special evening.

PaleyFest is an extraordinary interactive pop culture event, connecting fans with the casts and creators of their favorite series as well as the icons who have changed or are changing the face of media. Named for William S. Paley, founder of both the Paley Center and CBS, annual Festival celebrates television’s rich and diverse programming and the creative process behind the medium. During each evening, the audience views episodes or highlights of the featured work and has the opportunity to ask questions of the cast and creative team or the individual involved in its production.

The complete schedule for PaleyFest2011 will be announced on Wednesday, January 19, 2011, first on the Paley Center twitter feed ( and available on with additional details. Starting today, the all-inclusive Festival Pass is available for purchase at—just in time to give the perfect holiday gift to the ultimate TV fan. The Festival Pass includes one guaranteed ticket for premium seating each night, access to Festival events, free parking, concession stand vouchers, a one-year Paley Center general Membership, and other benefits. Starting January 19, several PaleyFest2011 Ticket Packages will be announced and available, also at Individual tickets will go on sale to Paley Center Members on Friday, January 21, and to the general public beginning the following Sunday, January 23, 2011.

Since the first Festival in 1984, the Paley Center has honored more than three hundred programs, including 24, Alias, American Idol, Battlestar Galactica, The Big Bang Theory, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Cheers, Curb Your Enthusiasm, The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, Damages, Desperate Housewives, Dexter, Entourage, Family Guy, Friends, Friday Night Lights, Glee, Grey’s Anatomy, The Golden Girls, Gunsmoke, House, The Honeymooners, Laugh-In, Lost, Mad Men, M*A*S*H, Modern Family, My Name Is Earl, The O.C., The Office, Roots, Route 66, Sábado Gigante, Seinfeld, The Simpsons, Six Feet Under, South Park, thirtysomething, True Blood, Ugly Betty, The Untouchables, The West Wing, and The X-Files, along with such personalities as Judd Apatow, Lucille Ball, Milton Berle, Sid Caesar, Sally Field, Jane Fonda, John Frankenheimer, Jim Henson, Bob Hope, Angela Lansbury, Jack Lemmon, George Lucas, Mary Martin, Carl Reiner, Garry Shandling, Flip Wilson, Jonathan Winters, and many others. PaleyFest panels are recorded and are available for viewing at the Paley Center in New York and Los Angeles.

PaleyFest2011 is made possible in part by a grant from the William S. Paley Foundation.

Fueled By The Fallen (FBTF) / Marines Toys For Tots are hosting a Charity Poker Fund Raiser at the Santa Fe Station! 

Sunday, December 19, 2010 at 2:00 PM is the Fueled By The Fallen / Marines Toys For Tots Charity Poker Fund Raiser at the Santa Fe Station Casino.  Meet Celebrities and support 2 great Charities.  Entry fee is $65 and a toy (or a $10 donation to Toys for Tots in lieu of the toy).  

Fueled By The Fallen is the brainchild of Kevyn Major Howard (Rafterman – “Full Medal Jacket”).  Fueled By The Fallen assists in supporting  Military Members, Public Safety Personnel, and their Families to aid in their emotional, physical, and financial recovery needs by displaying and racing the Memorial Race cars. 

Howard challenged himself in 2007 to name just one Hero that had died for his freedom. “I was watching the nightly news as they announced that 12 died this day and 7 that day”, Kevyn said. “I woke up one morning and challenged myself to name just one person who has died for my freedom”, he continued. “I couldn’t.”

So Kevyn decided to do something about it. He started the Fueled By The Fallen, a 501(c)3 non-profit. Kevyn enlisted the expertise of Chuck Spiker, a lifelong drag racer and former National Go Kart Champion, to create a memorial that would get the attention of all Americans. “The reason we chose race cars is because you can get the attention of a two year and a ninety-two year old with one”, Kevyn said. Chuck took a 1963 Nova and created a 10 second quarter mile door slammer drag car representing fallen Marines from Iraq and Afghanistan. “Maybe I can get people who look upon the race car to remember just one name. If I can do that, I have accomplished my mission”, Kevyn continued.

Santa Fe Station is located at 4949 N. Rancho Dr., Las Vegas NV  89130.  For more information on Fueled by the Fallen check out

Static Cycle is giving fans a chance to win a fully loaded Static Cycle iPad complete with songs, videos, pictures and a custom Static Cycle Skin. Go to their website, it is quick and easy to enter.

Part 2 of a 2-part interview with Jared Navarre lead vocalist & rhythm guitarist of the band Static Cycle.

There has been some PETA backlash over Bristol Palin wearing mink in the latest Static Cycle video. When you decided to on the mink did you expect the backlash?

No! We saw it and thought it was gorgeous. Alaska is different from other states. People wear a lot of fur around here it is part of our culture. Thank you PETA. [for the publicity]

Static Cycle's video "Inside This World of Mine" was shot at Alaska's beautiful Ice Museum.

Static Cycle’s video is shot in an ice motel. Tell us about that.

It used to be a motel now it is the Ice Museum. It can’t be used as a motel “because it doesn’t have a sprinkler system. (This is one of the few times that I have been speechless. I started to stutter and stammer in disbelief. ) Navarro laughed. The fire Marshall said no one could stay there because it doesn’t have sprinkler system to stop fires.

How did Static Cycle come up with the Ice Museum for your video?

We had heard of it. We researched it and saw some pictures of it. In this first single Inside This World of Mine we wanted to represent Alaska, which is our world and where we come from. We had this vision of an almost ice dreamland. We went searching and found it.  [The Ice Museum] turned out to be more impressive than what we had imagined which is rare. It was exactly what we wanted the video be!

Couldn’t help noticing all of you had on long sleeve shirts in the video.  How did Static Cycle get Bree Williams to wear a sleeveless dress?

Navarro laughed. She was a trooper. We had coats! It was about 20 degrees in there. It has to be kept below freezing to keep the ice [sculptures] from melting. (I’m thinking Dennis would have had to agree to have sex with me, for me to be in there with no coat.)

We would run her back and forth between the trailer and the set to try and keep her warm all the time. She was awesome! (At one point she takes off her shoes and runs in the snow. I’m thinking the whole band would have had to agree to have sex with me to get my shoes off in snow. )

Is there a bathroom in the ice museum?

There is a fully functioning bathroom carved out of ice. It is not actually operational. We said we were going to leave them a present.  He added they were kidding and would not do anything to harm the beautiful ice sculptures.  Everything in the bathroom and all the plumbing was carved from ice.

Can you imagine sitting on that toilet? It brings up images of sticking your tongue to a frozen metal pole.

(laughing) Yeah it would be difficult.

Tell me about Alaska Navarro became serious when he talked about Alaska.

It is a place he clearly loves. Right now. We just got our first major snowfall. Alaska is cold and beautiful. I think it is the most beautiful place on the planet. We are the largest state. It has a small town feel because we have a small population. Living is a little more relaxed. I think people here love a little more and really appreciate music cause they don’t get as many shows as large cities like LA. There are not as many calloused people as large places like LA or New York city. Lots of good people

6 months of night and 6 months of daylight tell us about that.

We are south of those very drastic changes. There are only really two seasons. We don’t get a long fall or spring. Like now it is still daylight but the daylight is lessening and we will have close to 24 hours of darkness here in December and January.  The crazier part is the light for 24 hours you don’t feel like you need to sleep and you have energy all day long.

How warm does it get there in the summer?

Summer to us is 70s. (I couldn’t help myself, I giggled.)

Navarre laughed. I know, I know. Sometimes it is I the low 80s and occasionally it will hit wi11 hit 90.

Navarre was prepared for my next question; I think he has been asked this one before. How do you adjust to the cold?

The same way you adjust to the 100-degree weather. Auto car starter, gloves, warm clothes, leave 15 minutes early.

When it snows here people gets some in a jar and puts it in the freezer.

Navarre cracked up laughingly. I can’t get out of house without stepping over a couple of inches of it now. If you guys want I can jar some up.**

**Free Static Cycle Jar of Snow offer – For just to easy payments of $34.99 (to cover shipping and handling) you can receive your free jar of genuine Alaskan snow. Dennis, Jared or Josh will scoop some up for you. Don’t accept a cheap imitation! There is the one and only Static Cycle Jar of Snow. You won’t see this offer anywhere else!Credit cards and COD welcome. Void where prohibited. Offer not valid inside the state of Alaska (everyone has their own snow.) Some age restrictions apply.

Thanks to Jared for being a good sport during my interview. We hope that Static Cycle and CFM will be together through out the exciting times they have ahead. (For the members of Static Cycle please be advised when I write part two of my autobiography I am probably gonna lie and say I had sex with one or more of you. Definitely Dennis.)

Part one of this interview

Photos with Santa, Kazoobie Show, Puppetone Rockers and much more!

Photos with Santa, Kazoobie Show, Puppetone Rockers and much more!

More than five million twinkling lights brighten the way on this one-of-a-kind display!

SPIRIT OF THE SUWANNEE MUSIC PARK, LIVE OAK – It’s the season for music, twinkling lights, lots of food and celebrations and The Spirit of the Suwannee Music Park (SOSMP)in Live Oak, Fla is more than ready! Suwannee Lights is all aglow where more than five million twinkling lights adorn a two-mile long wonderland of delightful scenes of Christmas with twinkling, hand-made Christmas displays large and small.

The tour is open each night through Dec. 24 from 6 -10 p.m. where families and friends make heart-warming memories! Suwannee Lights admission Sunday – Thursday is $2 children, $6 adults; Friday and Saturday $2 children, $8 adults. You never have to leave your vehicle during the tour so you and your family will be warm and cozy while enjoying this spectacular tour of Christmas scenes!

After the tour, the atmosphere is like a winter wonderland with a visit with Santa Claus, roasted marshmallows, hot chocolate and cookies and then it’s off to SHOP! SHOP! SHOP! Our Crafts Village has something for everyone on your list and includes such wonderful gifts as playable guitars and banjos made from cigar boxes, intricate hand-carved keepsake boxes that will become family heirlooms, wooden toys, hand-made indoor/outdoor furniture, beautiful scented candles, musical instruments and much, much more. You surely will want to have your child’s photo taken with Santa! And don’t forget the Kazoobie Show and the Puppetone Rockers designed to bring a smile to the faces of little ones and adults alike.

If you arrive on Monday, Thursday, Friday or Saturday night, stay for the karaoke or live music shows in the Music Hall and have a delicious dinner at the SOS Café and Restaurant. Afterward, get out there on the dance floor and shake a leg!

The SOS Café and Restaurant opens at 6 p.m. with music and events beginning at 8 p.m. Upcoming shows include the Mike Mullis Variety Show every Friday night, David Cooler Dec. 18 and the Loren Propper Band New Year’s Eve!

Santa will at Suwannee Lights to hear what you want for Christmas!

Santa will at Suwannee Lights to hear what you want for Christmas!

Admission to the regular shows is $5 per person Friday and Saturday night with the $5 applied to your evening’s tab at the SOS Café and Restaurant. Check our website at for prices on larger events.

The SOSMP has RV sites, primitive camping and beautiful, luxurious cabins available for your pleasure during your overnight stays on the banks of the famous Suwannee River in North Florida.

For more information about overnight reservations or these events, call the SOSMP at 386-364-1683, email or go to the website at We’ll be looking for ya’ll!

Science… or the way things worked before we invented God. The hilarious fourth live smash hit stand up show from Ricky Gervais, following his complete sell out-tour – filmed live at Hammersmith’s HMV Apollo.


FRIDAY DECEMBER 10TH 2010Add an Image

ADELITAS WAY – last stand

ALICIA WITT – anyway


BROKENCYDE – teach me how to scream

EVANS BLUE – erase my scars

JOHNNY CASH – ain’t no grave

JUKE CARTEL – if only

KYLIE MINOGUE – get outta my way

THE MAINE – into your arms

SIDDHARTA – vojna ideje

STATIC CYCLE – inside this world of mine

TESLA – i wanna live

ULTRAVIOLET SOUND – suck my kiss

VANITY THIEF – limb from limb



BLIND GUARDIAN – sacred worlds

BLISS OF FLESH – emaciated deity

CHIMAIRA- destroy & dominate

ENSLAVED – ethica odini

HEIDEVOLK – nehalennia

IN THIS MOMENT – the promise

KYLESA – tired climb

MALEVOLENT CREATION – slaughterhouse

THE DILLINGER ESCAPE PLAN – the mullet burden

THE SWORD – lawless lands

OCEANO – weaponized

ZACH HILL – the primitives talk


DEFTONES – you’ve seen the butcher

TOXIC HOLOCAUST – future shock (live in Orangevale 2010) & interview with PHIL ZELLER

THE CRIMSON ARMADA – alive (live in Orangevale 2010)

COLISEUM – skeleton smile

THE CHIMPZ – home invasion & interview with ARTIMUS PRIME

ATILLA – the invitation (Capital Chaos original)

NONPOINT – frontlines & interview with ELIAS SORIANO


MEGADETH – headcrusher & interview with SHAWN DROVER

FILTER – no love

Zoran Theodorovic
Capital Chaos
3641 24th Street
Sacramento, California 95818
916 470 3637

DENNIS SMITH Drums & Back Up Vocals,JARED NAVARRE Lead Vocals & Rhythm Guitar,JOSH WITHAM Lead Guitar

DENNIS SMITH Drums & Back Up Vocals, JARED NAVARRE Lead Vocals & Rhythm Guitar, JOSH WITHAM Lead Guitar

Free download “Inside This World Of Mine”

My goal has always been to bring you the hottest men in music.  I selflessly throw myself at these men into my work.  The Static Cycle guys are hot and they play music making them perfect subjects for my quest.

Part 1 of a 2 part interview with Jared Navarre lead vocalist & rhythm guitarist of the band Static Cycle.

Static – inactive: not in physical motion; “the inertia of an object at rest”

Cycle an interval during which a recurring sequence of events occurs; “the never-ending cycle of the seasons”

How did you get the name Static cycle? It seems to be a contradiction of terms.

Josh and I wanted an oxymoron. The name says that there are monotonous points in life and even though time is passing by everything feels stagnant blah and tedious. Our goal with our music is to stop that Static Cycle.

Jared-lead singer

Josh-lead guitar

Dennis- drums.

Does Static Cycle tour a lot?

We have been touring what we call everywhere but Alaska and Hawaii, the lower 48. We have been touring the lower 48 for the last two years. We are going out again in January.

Where does  Static Cycle stay when you are on tour?

It depends on how quickly we have to get to the next stop. If it is a city where we have to drive all night to play back-to-back shows we sleep while we drive. Otherwise we stay in hotels.

When we first started touring, we slept on peoples floors or in a van. We did what every rock band has to do to get started. But with more success it will be buses and hotels.

Was it fun sleeping on people’s floor? I mean not actually sleeping on the floor but meeting the people?

It is! It is one of the beautiful parts of the industry meeting so many different people and seeing so many different places.

When Static Cycle goes on the road to get your own room?

We all stay together. Normally there are two or three to a bed.

Do any of you sleep in the nude?


Which band member gets hit on the most? You?

(Navarre got a little shy with this question.)

Probably, yeah but I feel bad saying that.

Do the Static Cycle guys date the girls you meet on tour?

Not very often. We aren’t in town long enough; we meet them and hang out with them. We are a pretty lively band. We are not really guarded. If we are playing before a bigger band we hang out with the crowd.

Does Static Cycle allow photos when you are on stage?

Definitely! We sometimes pull people on stage and they take photos right there during the songs.

Boxers, briefs, banana hammock or commando?

Boxer briefs for me cause move around quiet a lot on stage.

Do you have a weird fan experience to share with us?

We have a lot of crazy items thrown on stage. They throw all types of clothing. We will get weird things like phones and things thrown at us sometimes. We have really incredible fans because we are so open. Especially with all the controversy our fans have come to bat for us.  (Regarding PETA’s objection to fur in their video.) They have been amazing.

Does Static Cycle have a super fan?

Yes, we have several super fans. There are a bunch of them. Tammy, Carissa, Kathy and Rhonda they have been amazing. There are others but I just can’t think of them.

Do the guys in Static Cycle stay around after the set for autographs?

Yes, it is nice and it is humbling when we are asked for an autograph. We always stay and take time with fans and we have never turned down an autograph to date.

Some bands do a lot of drinking. What about Static Cycle?

We are a funny kind of band we have all been in bands that had success in Alaska and we made contracts with each other. We agreed we wouldn’t drink before or after shows. So we can stay on our game and give our fans more. Fans don’t want to see us drunk on stage. It is not fair to them.

Has anyone in Static Cycle fallen of the stage?

Navarre laughed. Last year I ran out to crowd surf and jumped off a monitor. My feet went out from under me, the monitors were waxy plastic and only half of my body landed out into the crowd. They lifted me up anyway so it was awesome.

Was it scary when your feet were sliding?

Oh yes! It was terrifying.

When you are on tour, which of you eats everything or anything?

It’s not Josh. He will never eat anything that’s not fresh and would never eat a left over. (Laughing.) Dennis and I will eat anything, off the floor, off the dashboard anywhere. Someone could pull it out of his pocket and hand it to us and we would eat it.

Who is the heart of Static Cycle?

We all have different roles.

Dennis is almost like our spiritual motivator. Dennis is the drummer.

Josh is our lead guitar. He takes care of anything musical and  keeps us on task.  On the music side he makes sure everything is prepped and ready.

I take care of the business and logistics. we sharpen each other in different areas.

We are a family and we have so much fun together.

Do you exercise when you are on tour?

Yes, we all exercise quite a bit for when we are on stage. When we are not on tour we all work out a couple of times a week. We have to stay in shape. We do a lot of  moving  around and jumping on stage.

Is there anything about Static Cycle you would like for us to know and that I haven’t asked you?

We have a new record out “Hydrate” that is available on ITunes and in some Best Buys. We are going to be touring soon. If you want to find us and we are up to go to it is the hub for everything.

This next section is to help Static Cycle fans. I am a retired band slut and this section will teach you some of things that I have learned along the way.

Acknowledging the fine line between stalking and being an enthusiastic fan I will give you tips on approaching the men in Static Cycle.

When Static Cycle is on tour what is the must have food?

Chili cheese steaks! We are on a mission. Josh has had us on a mission to find the best chili cheese steak on the planet for a while now. Between chili cheese steak and pizza those are our guilty pleasures.

Fans! Make sure you have the best pizza and the best chili cheese steak restaurant in your town listed before you go to the show. Know what time the restaurant closes and if they deliver.

Do you carry snack foods on the bus?

Yeah, we carry chips and candy Butterfingers, spicy chips and jerky.

Before you go to the show pick up Butterfingers, spicy chips and/or jerky. Keep your panties and cell phone you might need them later. Throw food on stage. Put your name and phone number on the item. We know Jarred and Dennis will eat it and Josh might pick it up if the package is sealed.

I admit that spicy chips and jerky probably aren’t aerodynamic and if you hear your mom’s voice in your head saying, “You are going to put somebody’s eye out with that Butterfinger.” You might want to hand the item to one of them.

Handing it to them after their set makes sure you won’t get sued and they will get the item.

Remember to put your name, phone number and email address on a piece of paper and attached the paper to the food item.  Good Luck!

Static Cycle is giving fans a chance to win a fully loaded Static Cycle iPad complete with songs, videos, pictures and a custom Static Cycle Skin. Go to their website, it is quick and easy to enter.

Part Two of This Interview

Ted McMullen

Ted McMullen

SPIRIT OF THE SUWANNEE MUSIC PARK, LIVE OAK – Elvis will be in the house Jan. 27-30 at the famous Spirit of the Suwannee Music Park where dozens will compete in the 6th Annual Elvis Tribute Artists Competition. If you’re an Elvis fan, make plans now to attend this event that packs the house!

The party gets underway Jan. 27 at 7 p.m. with Karaoke with Ted “Teddy Mac” McMullen, a North Florida Elvis Tribute Artist who hosts this competition. Admission Jan. 27 is $5 with the $5 going toward your evening tab at the SOS Café and Restaurant. You never know who might just be in the audience waiting to sing Elvis music on this night!

On Friday, Jan. 28, it’s party time with karaoke for Elvis contestants who will perform for the audience. Admission Jan. 28 is $10 at the door for all with food and drinks extra, no coupon tonight.

Saturday, Jan. 29, is the big day with competition beginning at 1 p.m. One break will be held in late afternoon with competition renewing at 6 p.m. General admission for competition day, Jan. 29, is $25 for adults or children all day, reserved seating $40 for adults or children; food and drink at regular prices. All reserved seating must be purchased before 10 a.m. Saturday, Jan. 29.

Sunday morning there will be a gospel sing with Teddy Mac and all Elvis contestants willing to participate. Free admission; food and beverages at regular prices.

As always, the SOS Café and Restaurant will have available delicious food and beverages at regular prices during all of these events. Doors open at 5 p.m. Thursday and Friday, events begin at 7 p.m.

Elvis Tribute Artist contestant entry fee is $50, no charge for child contestants. Entry forms available at upcoming events page. For more information about contestant entry, call Marcie at 904-966-2972.

For more information about overnight reservations, general admission and reserved seating tickets for the Elvis Tribute Artist Competition or for information about any of the exciting upcoming events at the SOSMP such as the 2011 Suwannee River Jam, call the SOSMP at 386-364-1683, email or go to the website at

Cataclysm hits World of Warcraft

It’s all about attracting new players — and convincing retired WoW warriors to come back for another hit. Although the game’s older lands hold plenty of nostalgia value, they were starting to show their age next to newer content. Overhauling them gives Blizzard’s designers the chance to hone the game’s experience for new players, introducing extra cinematics, tighter, more directed gameplay, and better visuals. And for the old hands, there’s nothing like a makeover — supplied courtesy of Deathwing, a vast, flaming dragon from Warcraft’s ancient lore — to put a new face on old regions. Read this article here.

Keep A Child Alive is a charity that CFM supports. If you would like more information about Keep A Child Alive  before donating click on the link in our right hand side bar.

Well dressed and gorgeous to the very end, Elijah looks great in that suit.  Warning! Some fans have found the photo of Elijah in a coffin disturbing. Remember why he is doing this, “Every single dollar helps Keep a Child Alive fight this terrible disease. And when $1,000,000 is reached, everyone will be back online and tweeting in no time.” See his photo here.

@woodelijah is dead. Elijah sacrificed his digital life to help Keep a Child Alive save millions of real lives affected by HIV/AIDS in Africa and India. This is his Last Tweet and Testament, the last message he will send out until $1,000,000 is raised to buy his digital life back. Visit to buy his life back now, and then join the fight against this horrible disease by sacrificing your own digital life.

Take the Suwannee Lights tour of more than five million twinkling Christmas lights while there

Take the Suwannee Lights tour of more than five million twinkling Christmas lights while there

SPIRIT OF THE SUWANNEE MUSIC PARK, LIVE OAK – Justin Case Band fans will be thrilled to know their favorite band will be rocking the house Dec. 11 at the Spirit of the Suwannee Music Park (SOSMP) in Live Oak, Fla! Headlining the Dec.10 performance will be the Mike Mullis and his Variety Show. It will be a weekend of great music and good times on the dance floor!

Justin Case Band is a group of musical guys who have become favorites at the SOSMP where the band has played dates for the last two years. The band was formed in 1987 and played a nightclub in Lake City for five years before deciding to take a different direction. Ronnie Baldwin formed the band, soon meeting singer, musician, songwriter Monty Savitz and the two still lead the band. Several other members now round out the band that plays country, rock and other music to please their fans. If you want good dance and listening music, Saturday night, Dec. 11, is the night to enjoy Justin Case at the SOSMP.

Mike Mullis

Mike Mullis

Friday night, Dec. 1, famed songwriter, singer and musician Mike Mullis, a Friday night regular entertainer, will be rocking the house with his variety show that includes his performances, line dancing, comedy, oldies, 80s and country music, maybe even the Chicken Dance, Cotton Eyed Joe and Cupid Shuffle! There’ll surely be more fun as Mike gets his guests into his own wild and crazy version of the Hokey Pokey for the kids and brave adults and lots more! It’s just a fun time for adults and kids alike, so don’t miss Mike Mullis’ variety show.

Admission both nights is $5 per person. The $5 will be applied to your evening’s tab at the SOS Café and Restaurant. As always, the SOS Café and Restaurant will open each night at 6 p.m. for dinner with music and events beginning at 8 p.m. The SOS Café and Restaurant will have available at regular prices delicious items from the menu to delight your culinary tastes. Bring your family and friends out and enjoy good food, great fellowship and fantastic music and dancing!

Before you enjoy the weekend shows, take the famous Suwannee Lights Christmas tour at the SOSMP where more than five million lights are ablaze in one of the largest Christmas displays you’ve ever seen. The nearly two-mile long ride through hand-made Christmas ornaments such as frogs, toy soldiers, swans and much, much more delight young and old alike year after year. There are many new additions this year so be sure you bring the family to make beautiful memories now through Dec. 24 from 6:30 – 10 p.m. each night. Enjoy hot chocolate, cookies and a visit with Santa in the Crafts Village after Suwannee Lights. Suwannee Lights admission Sunday – Thursday is $2 children, $6 adults; Friday and Saturday $2 children, $8 adults.

Also while at the SOSMP, check out the Crafts Village where you will find many, many unique, hand-made Christmas gifts in the gift shops, and don‘t forget the Store of the Village where you’ll find candles, shirts, musical instruments, camping supplies and much, much more!

For more information about overnight reservations or these events, call the SOSMP at 386-364-1683, email or go to the website at We’ll be looking for ya’ll!