Static Cycle: Butterfingers, Spicy Chips and Jerky

DENNIS SMITH Drums & Back Up Vocals,JARED NAVARRE Lead Vocals & Rhythm Guitar,JOSH WITHAM Lead Guitar
DENNIS SMITH Drums & Back Up Vocals,JARED NAVARRE Lead Vocals & Rhythm Guitar,JOSH WITHAM Lead Guitar
DENNIS SMITH Drums & Back Up Vocals, JARED NAVARRE Lead Vocals & Rhythm Guitar, JOSH WITHAM Lead Guitar

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My goal has always been to bring you the hottest men in music.  I selflessly throw myself at these men into my work.  The Static Cycle guys are hot and they play music making them perfect subjects for my quest.

Part 1 of a 2 part interview with Jared Navarre lead vocalist & rhythm guitarist of the band Static Cycle.

Static – inactive: not in physical motion; “the inertia of an object at rest”

Cycle an interval during which a recurring sequence of events occurs; “the never-ending cycle of the seasons”

How did you get the name Static cycle? It seems to be a contradiction of terms.

Josh and I wanted an oxymoron. The name says that there are monotonous points in life and even though time is passing by everything feels stagnant blah and tedious. Our goal with our music is to stop that Static Cycle.

Jared-lead singer

Josh-lead guitar

Dennis- drums.

Does Static Cycle tour a lot?

We have been touring what we call everywhere but Alaska and Hawaii, the lower 48. We have been touring the lower 48 for the last two years. We are going out again in January.

Where does  Static Cycle stay when you are on tour?

It depends on how quickly we have to get to the next stop. If it is a city where we have to drive all night to play back-to-back shows we sleep while we drive. Otherwise we stay in hotels.

When we first started touring, we slept on peoples floors or in a van. We did what every rock band has to do to get started. But with more success it will be buses and hotels.

Was it fun sleeping on people’s floor? I mean not actually sleeping on the floor but meeting the people?

It is! It is one of the beautiful parts of the industry meeting so many different people and seeing so many different places.

When Static Cycle goes on the road to get your own room?

We all stay together. Normally there are two or three to a bed.

Do any of you sleep in the nude?


Which band member gets hit on the most? You?

(Navarre got a little shy with this question.)

Probably, yeah but I feel bad saying that.

Do the Static Cycle guys date the girls you meet on tour?

Not very often. We aren’t in town long enough; we meet them and hang out with them. We are a pretty lively band. We are not really guarded. If we are playing before a bigger band we hang out with the crowd.

Does Static Cycle allow photos when you are on stage?

Definitely! We sometimes pull people on stage and they take photos right there during the songs.

Boxers, briefs, banana hammock or commando?

Boxer briefs for me cause move around quiet a lot on stage.

Do you have a weird fan experience to share with us?

We have a lot of crazy items thrown on stage. They throw all types of clothing. We will get weird things like phones and things thrown at us sometimes. We have really incredible fans because we are so open. Especially with all the controversy our fans have come to bat for us.  (Regarding PETA’s objection to fur in their video.) They have been amazing.

Does Static Cycle have a super fan?

Yes, we have several super fans. There are a bunch of them. Tammy, Carissa, Kathy and Rhonda they have been amazing. There are others but I just can’t think of them.

Do the guys in Static Cycle stay around after the set for autographs?

Yes, it is nice and it is humbling when we are asked for an autograph. We always stay and take time with fans and we have never turned down an autograph to date.

Some bands do a lot of drinking. What about Static Cycle?

We are a funny kind of band we have all been in bands that had success in Alaska and we made contracts with each other. We agreed we wouldn’t drink before or after shows. So we can stay on our game and give our fans more. Fans don’t want to see us drunk on stage. It is not fair to them.

Has anyone in Static Cycle fallen of the stage?

Navarre laughed. Last year I ran out to crowd surf and jumped off a monitor. My feet went out from under me, the monitors were waxy plastic and only half of my body landed out into the crowd. They lifted me up anyway so it was awesome.

Was it scary when your feet were sliding?

Oh yes! It was terrifying.

When you are on tour, which of you eats everything or anything?

It’s not Josh. He will never eat anything that’s not fresh and would never eat a left over. (Laughing.) Dennis and I will eat anything, off the floor, off the dashboard anywhere. Someone could pull it out of his pocket and hand it to us and we would eat it.

Who is the heart of Static Cycle?

We all have different roles.

Dennis is almost like our spiritual motivator. Dennis is the drummer.

Josh is our lead guitar. He takes care of anything musical and  keeps us on task.  On the music side he makes sure everything is prepped and ready.

I take care of the business and logistics. we sharpen each other in different areas.

We are a family and we have so much fun together.

Do you exercise when you are on tour?

Yes, we all exercise quite a bit for when we are on stage. When we are not on tour we all work out a couple of times a week. We have to stay in shape. We do a lot of  moving  around and jumping on stage.

Is there anything about Static Cycle you would like for us to know and that I haven’t asked you?

We have a new record out “Hydrate” that is available on ITunes and in some Best Buys. We are going to be touring soon. If you want to find us and we are up to go to it is the hub for everything.

This next section is to help Static Cycle fans. I am a retired band slut and this section will teach you some of things that I have learned along the way.

Acknowledging the fine line between stalking and being an enthusiastic fan I will give you tips on approaching the men in Static Cycle.

When Static Cycle is on tour what is the must have food?

Chili cheese steaks! We are on a mission. Josh has had us on a mission to find the best chili cheese steak on the planet for a while now. Between chili cheese steak and pizza those are our guilty pleasures.

Fans! Make sure you have the best pizza and the best chili cheese steak restaurant in your town listed before you go to the show. Know what time the restaurant closes and if they deliver.

Do you carry snack foods on the bus?

Yeah, we carry chips and candy Butterfingers, spicy chips and jerky.

Before you go to the show pick up Butterfingers, spicy chips and/or jerky. Keep your panties and cell phone you might need them later. Throw food on stage. Put your name and phone number on the item. We know Jarred and Dennis will eat it and Josh might pick it up if the package is sealed.

I admit that spicy chips and jerky probably aren’t aerodynamic and if you hear your mom’s voice in your head saying, “You are going to put somebody’s eye out with that Butterfinger.” You might want to hand the item to one of them.

Handing it to them after their set makes sure you won’t get sued and they will get the item.

Remember to put your name, phone number and email address on a piece of paper and attached the paper to the food item.  Good Luck!

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Part Two of This Interview

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