Static Cycle Interview Part 2: Alaska,Their Video, Palin, PETA and Free Snow

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Part 2 of a 2-part interview with Jared Navarre lead vocalist & rhythm guitarist of the band Static Cycle.

There has been some PETA backlash over Bristol Palin wearing mink in the latest Static Cycle video. When you decided to on the mink did you expect the backlash?

No! We saw it and thought it was gorgeous. Alaska is different from other states. People wear a lot of fur around here it is part of our culture. Thank you PETA. [for the publicity]

Static Cycle's video "Inside This World of Mine" was shot at Alaska's beautiful Ice Museum.

Static Cycle’s video is shot in an ice motel. Tell us about that.

It used to be a motel now it is the Ice Museum. It can’t be used as a motel “because it doesn’t have a sprinkler system. (This is one of the few times that I have been speechless. I started to stutter and stammer in disbelief. ) Navarro laughed. The fire Marshall said no one could stay there because it doesn’t have sprinkler system to stop fires.

How did Static Cycle come up with the Ice Museum for your video?

We had heard of it. We researched it and saw some pictures of it. In this first single Inside This World of Mine we wanted to represent Alaska, which is our world and where we come from. We had this vision of an almost ice dreamland. We went searching and found it.  [The Ice Museum] turned out to be more impressive than what we had imagined which is rare. It was exactly what we wanted the video be!

Couldn’t help noticing all of you had on long sleeve shirts in the video.  How did Static Cycle get Bree Williams to wear a sleeveless dress?

Navarro laughed. She was a trooper. We had coats! It was about 20 degrees in there. It has to be kept below freezing to keep the ice [sculptures] from melting. (I’m thinking Dennis would have had to agree to have sex with me, for me to be in there with no coat.)

We would run her back and forth between the trailer and the set to try and keep her warm all the time. She was awesome! (At one point she takes off her shoes and runs in the snow. I’m thinking the whole band would have had to agree to have sex with me to get my shoes off in snow. )

Is there a bathroom in the ice museum?

There is a fully functioning bathroom carved out of ice. It is not actually operational. We said we were going to leave them a present.  He added they were kidding and would not do anything to harm the beautiful ice sculptures.  Everything in the bathroom and all the plumbing was carved from ice.

Can you imagine sitting on that toilet? It brings up images of sticking your tongue to a frozen metal pole.

(laughing) Yeah it would be difficult.

Tell me about Alaska Navarro became serious when he talked about Alaska.

It is a place he clearly loves. Right now. We just got our first major snowfall. Alaska is cold and beautiful. I think it is the most beautiful place on the planet. We are the largest state. It has a small town feel because we have a small population. Living is a little more relaxed. I think people here love a little more and really appreciate music cause they don’t get as many shows as large cities like LA. There are not as many calloused people as large places like LA or New York city. Lots of good people

6 months of night and 6 months of daylight tell us about that.

We are south of those very drastic changes. There are only really two seasons. We don’t get a long fall or spring. Like now it is still daylight but the daylight is lessening and we will have close to 24 hours of darkness here in December and January.  The crazier part is the light for 24 hours you don’t feel like you need to sleep and you have energy all day long.

How warm does it get there in the summer?

Summer to us is 70s. (I couldn’t help myself, I giggled.)

Navarre laughed. I know, I know. Sometimes it is I the low 80s and occasionally it will hit wi11 hit 90.

Navarre was prepared for my next question; I think he has been asked this one before. How do you adjust to the cold?

The same way you adjust to the 100-degree weather. Auto car starter, gloves, warm clothes, leave 15 minutes early.

When it snows here people gets some in a jar and puts it in the freezer.

Navarre cracked up laughingly. I can’t get out of house without stepping over a couple of inches of it now. If you guys want I can jar some up.**

**Free Static Cycle Jar of Snow offer – For just to easy payments of $34.99 (to cover shipping and handling) you can receive your free jar of genuine Alaskan snow. Dennis, Jared or Josh will scoop some up for you. Don’t accept a cheap imitation! There is the one and only Static Cycle Jar of Snow. You won’t see this offer anywhere else!Credit cards and COD welcome. Void where prohibited. Offer not valid inside the state of Alaska (everyone has their own snow.) Some age restrictions apply.

Thanks to Jared for being a good sport during my interview. We hope that Static Cycle and CFM will be together through out the exciting times they have ahead. (For the members of Static Cycle please be advised when I write part two of my autobiography I am probably gonna lie and say I had sex with one or more of you. Definitely Dennis.)

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