Interview With Marc Goldstein Writer/Director of Glenn The Flying Robot Starring Billy Boyd

Glenn, the Flying Robot
Glenn, the Flying Robot
Glenn, the Flying Robot

Thanks to Mr. Goldstein for agreeing to the interview. He has a delightful sense of humor!

(I am looking forward to seeing Glenn, The Flying Robot.  Billy Boyd, kissing, a kick-ass robot, Billy Boyd, and of course Billy Boyd, what’s not to like?)
There is a synopsis of Glenn, The Flying Robot is at the end of the interview.
Glenn, The Flying Robot;
rated NR (not rated)
can be purchased 2/23/2011 on DVD check website about advance orders.
has been rated 4 1/2 out of 5 stars
is listed as “high quality science fiction”.
run time 82 min

Glenn, The Flying Robot cast includes:

Billy Boyd                    Jack
Dominic Gould          Henry
Patrick Bauchau       Richard
Gérard Depardieu     TV Reporter
Smadi Wolfman         Lana

Is Glenn an acronym? If so, what does it stand for?


Glenn, the Flying Robot is listed as Sci-Fi will I need to be a geek to enjoy the film?

Not at all. It’s for everyone!

When I read a story the author’s description and my imagination gives me a mental picture of the character. After I see the movie, the actor becomes blended with or replaces the character in my head.  When you write a story you have the characters in your head. When you are directing do you mold the actor to fit your character or allow the actor to influence the character?

Obviously I allow the actor to influence the character. In the end, the actors know the characters more than the director, I think.

After you made Glenn, the Flying Robot, did your concept of the characters change?

Yes, because reality makes things evolve, and when you shoot, things get real.

Does the actor’s portrayal of the character replace the one you “saw” in your head or are they two different entities?

My actors have become my characters. I couldn’t think of Jack or Henry today as being different from the actors that portray them.

Where did the idea for Glenn, the Flying Robot come from?

My inspiration.

Do you play the piano?


Do you use people you have met to form your characters?

A little bit maybe… but not too consciously.

The original title for Glenn, the Flying Robot was Glenn 3948. Tell us about the name change.

My US sales agent told me the name was not seller enough. So I came up with that suggestion.

Basically Billy is affiliated with CFM. If I don’t ask about Billy Boyd’s part in Glenn, the Flying Robot I will get a good scolding.

How did Billy Boyd come to play the part of Jack?

Because he liked the script.

He is always clever and funny in interviews, did you find that to be true when working with him?

Yes indeed.

Is Jack the character Billy Boyd plays in Glenn, the Flying Robot a good guy or bad guy?  (Don’t tell us if it is a spoiler.)

He’s just a human being, with his strengths and weaknesses.

I hope Lana (Smadi Wolfman) comes to her senses and stays with Jack. (Don’t tell me.) The most important question is; does Smadi Wolman get to kiss or have a romantic scene with Billy Boyd?

For you to discover…

Do you have a behind the scenes story about the writing and/or filming of Glenn, the Flying Robot?

Too many to tell in one  line!

Is there anything I haven’t covered in the interview that you would like moviegoers to know about Glenn, the Flying Robot?

I suppose the best would be for everyone to make one’s own opinion from the film. I don’t know whether people should have in mind what I wanted to convey. Generally what the viewers will see is likely to be different form what the movie makers intended to bring them… So…

The name suggests a movie that might be light hearted and fun. The summary on IMDB includes, “GLENN will jeopardize everybody and everything around them” is there a dark side to Glenn?

Yes there’s a dark side. After all, aren’t the robots getting more and more human nowadays?

Will we leave the theater happy even if there is no kissing of Billy Boyd?

What about the robot kissing Billy Boyd?… No, it’s just a joke!

Synopsis from IMDB

Henry and Jack are two famous and talented pianists: they are rivals and try to outdo each other in the various music events where they regularly compete. They have known each other since their days at the music academy and developed a very strong friendship.

They met Lana there and Jack had an affair with her then. This friendship deteriorated along the years and Lana left Jack for Henry. Jack’s resentment towards Henry will increase even further when he realizes that although his talent as a pianist is as great a talent as Henry’s, he always ended up second… behind Henry. Simultaneously, Lana slowly realized that the only thing Henry cares about is his job. When she gets pregnant, he tells her he doesn’t want the child and she leaves him, taking refuge with Jack who thus finds a way to get back at Henry.

From that point, the former friends will clash with no mercy, from contest to contest until the day a domestic robot, GLENN, enters their lives. GLENN will jeopardize everybody and everything around them but will also lead them into the most challenging soul searching. NB: to be updated by Marc Goldstein Written by Marc Goldstein

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