4 thoughts on “Close That Crack! The TARDIS Has Your Back! Win 100 Doctor Who DVDs

  1. I think i t would be a fun show! I wasn’t sure if the cowboy hat thing was that they would be filming in the US or if it was just a promo for the show being on BBC America.

    I thought the Doctor Who A Christmas Carol was brilliant! It was much better than I thought it would be. The writers used the premise but the story line was completely Doctor Who.
    It was disappointing that the Doctor didn’t find a cure for her.

  2. A Christmas Carol (Doctor Who version is quite good) It is just ending right now on Christmas night 2010 on BBC America. Nicely done although this version was, as the Doctor would say, ” a bit ODD”. We can hardly wait for the New Season to begin in Spring 2011. It seems such a Long way off. Hmmm…maybe if I can find the Tardis here in America we might speed things up a bit. I hope all that read this had a Very Merry Christmas 2010.

  3. It would be cool to see the DOCTOR and Amy come to Sacramento,CA USA and meet MarkTwain, aka Samuel Cleamans during the Gold Rush and Transcontinental Railroad times. That would truly be an ADVENTURE!

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