3 thoughts on “Matt Smith In Hats: The Doctor Needs A New Fez!

  1. Can you have too much Doctor Who? The successful re-boot of this franchise seems to have no end: DVDs, toys, video games, online games, a live show at Wembley, and now the Doctor Who Experience at London’s Olympia. As far as my seven-year-old son is concerned, the more Who the better, and he was almost as excited as I was to check it out.

    His first question was of course whether Matt Smith would be there (ah, youth): I assured him that this was unlikely, but that we would no doubt be seeing the good Doctor in some fine new video adventures.
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  2. Love the Matt Smith, but being British, it’s Fish Fingers. Fish Sticks is well… you know the South Park gag. Also, freaking love the Ewok gag. That has to be a future shirt in the making.

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