The Hobbit Is Number One Precious

The shire is back on top with The Hobbit reaching number one in popularity on Twitter.

Bilbo Baggins, a Hobbit, journeys to the Lonely Mountain accompanied by a group of dwarves to reclaim a treasure taken from them by the dragon Smaug.

Elijah Wood as Frodo Baggins. Wood says that his role will be small but is very excited at having the chance to help link the LOTR and The Hobbit. The LOTR films have been a large part of his life.

The Hobbit: Part 1 opens  November 2012 and stars Martin Freeman, Cate Blanchett, Ron Perlman, Hugo Weaving, Ian McKellen, Andy Serkis, Doug Jones, Ken Stott, Elijah Wood, Dominic Monaghan and Orlando Bloom.

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1 thought on “The Hobbit Is Number One Precious

  1. – Elijah Finds is essentially one long list of times and places people have mentioned seeing Elijah Wood.

    – Listing these sightings makes it really rather easy to see where and when he's been.

    – People might call listing times and places someone has been “tracking” them.

    – I don't see any comments from myself accusing them of stalking Elijah Wood, simply of monitoring his whereabouts. However, if you were sufficiently motivated, there's no doubt the information might significantly increase your chances of bumping into him above that provided by pure chance [statistically speaking]…

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