You think you know the answer? This article walks you step by step through Peter Jackson's choices.

You might not know the answer. This article walks you step by step through Peter Jackson's decision to have Galadriel, Frodo and Legolas in The Hobbit movie .

This question was posed to Ask The Answer Bitch.

My first reaction was that Peter Jackson was including the stars from the LOTR trilogy in The Hobbit movie  to draw the LOTR fan base to the movie. That might have been a hasty assumption. Turns out there is more to  The Hobbit than expected.

Leslie Gornstein has done some in-depth research. She can account for the inclusion of the Cate Blanchett, Elijah Wood, Orlando Bloom characters.  Gornstein contacted Corey Olsen, who teaches J.R.R. Tolkien and medieval literature at Washington College in Maryland.  According to Olsen, Galadriel, Frodo and Legolas are, actually, very much a part of The Hobbit story.

According to Middle Earth scholars—oh yes, I hath dug them up—Hobbit director Peter Jackson knows very much what he’s doing…
In fact, his interpretation of  The Hobbit may be more accurate than mainstream quasi-nerds will ever give him credit for.
Ask The Answer Bitch talks about each character and why they should be included in The Hobbit movie.

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