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Thelonious Monk cd review

Thelonious Monk starts this list of music reviews that includes The Allman Brothers, Jed Davis,Electric Wizard,VocalEssence, Andre Thomas.

Music Review: Thelonious Monk – Monk’s Music

By GREG BARBRICK Even though Thelonious Monk had been recording for over a decade already, 1957 was the year he was finally accepted by the mainstream jazz audience. Peers, hipsters, and writers “in the know” had been into Monk from the beginning. But the pianist’s dissonant, sometimes broken rhythms had been a tough sell to the general public. Monk’s Music changed all of that for good. Read the rest of this article here.

Music Review: The Allman Brothers – Eat A Peach

By David Bowling Life was good for The Allman Brothers. At Fillmore East had been a commercial breakthrough for the group. It was then recognized as one of the best live bands in the world and Duane Allman had ascended to the top rung of guitarists. Rolling Stone Magazine would place him at number 2 on its list of The Best Guitarists Of All Time. Read the rest of this article here.

Music Review: Jed Davis – The Cutting Room Floor

By BILL SHERMAN Back in the eighties, when this writer was living in the Illinois heartland, I was part of a group of new music lovers who used to regularly drive a van up north to Chicago or Schaumburg to see then up-and-comers like the B-52’s or Devo. It was a two-hour plus drive, and when our blurry-eyed selves were released from the clubs, we typically had to stop on the way home in the Bolingbrook Denny’s for some caffeine and sustenance. Listening to Jed Davis’ The Cutting Room Floor (Eschatone Records), I found myself recollecting those late night early repasts: not just because one of the tracks on this disc specifically recalls the joys of “Denny’s 3:00 A.M.,” but because the whole disc captures so much of the sounds of that era. Read the rest of this article here.

Music Review: Electric Wizard – Black Masses

By GUTTERCANDY In contrast to the fairly sedate musical year of 2010, 2011 has already seen some its finest musical releases thus far fall in the hard rock category.Leading the pack is the awesome Electric Wizard and their latest, Black Masses. The Wizard are like the grungiest, darkest aspects of classic Black Sabbath distilled to their graveyard essence. Read the rest of this article here.

Music Review: Linda Eder – Now

By JORDAN RICHARDSON I was first introduced to the big Broadway voice of Linda Eder by my wife. I found myself instantly smitten by Eder’s gargantuan, dramatic tones. Her eloquent phrasing was intoxicating and her ability to draw listeners in to the heart of a song, into that theatrical spirit, was second to none.  Read the rest of this article here.

Music review: VocalEssence, Andre Thomas let the spirit flow

By Rob Hubbard Andre Thomas is an inspiring man. He’s devoted his career to teaching young Americans not only how to sing traditional African-American spirituals, but about the history and evolution of the songs, as well, which involves confronting a lot of troubling truths. Read the rest of this article here.

Drowning Pool is hittin’ the road. We have the tour dates and VIP pass information.

Drowning Pool is hittin’ the road and touring the US. Tickets are on sale now.

Drowning Pool is:

Ryan McCombs: Lead vocals
C.J. Pierce: Guitars/vocals
Stevie Benton: Bass/vocals
Mike Luce: Drums/vocals

The all-American anthemic rock band Drowning Pool has persevered through the death of their first singer and losing their second, emerging a stronger unit than ever before. From presenting the Lane Evans Health Act to then Senator Barack Obama, and coming back with their first consecutive album with a singer, vocalist Ryan McCombs, Drowning Pool continue to survive.

On a scale from 1 to 10, when measuring the highs and lows of Drowning Pool’s 12-year career, drummer Mike Luce candidly states that the band has experienced both extremes. When success comes — and it often does — it’s euphoric, he says. But when there were crashes — and there were a few —“You pick up and move on. It isn’t easy, but it’s life. The highs and lows make you appreciate everything that’s good. Stuff happens, terrible stuff, to everybody. You try to use it somehow to make something good come out of it.”

“To use a Spinal Tap reference, at the highest times we were cranked up to 11,”  Luce says. “It was the greatest. We were all young, and we’d wanted this all our lives. To play music with your friends for a living — it’s better than winning the lottery. These are dreams and aspirations that I’d had since I first held a pair of drumsticks in my hand. We got lucky, we were on Cloud Nine — to be the Ozzfest darlings, in Rolling Stone, on MTV. We felt like the band was on its way to world domination. Nobody sees the black cloud around the corner.”

The tour kicks off in their home town of Dallas, Tx.  If you would like to the chance to hang with the band, an autographed set list, a $5 gift card to store, a killer Drowning Pool T-Shirt and a collectible Drowning Pool Laminate and Lanyard! Check out the VIP offer on the Drowning Pool website.

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Date Venue City
03.11.11 Trees Dallas, TX
03.12.11 Scout Bar Houston, TX
03.13.11 Lucky Mule Saloon Abilene, TX
03.16.11 Top Deck Farmington, NM
03.17.11 Summit Music Hall Denver, CO
03.18.11 The Black Sheep Colorado Springs, CO
03.19.11 The Venue Casper, WY
03.21.11 Wilma Theater Missoula, MT
03.22.11 Shrine Auditorium Billings, MT
03.24.11 The Venue at the Hub Fargo, ND
03.25.11 The Wicked Moose Rochester, MN
03.26.11 First Avenue Minneapolis, MN
03.29.11 The Rave Milwaukee, WI
03.30.11 House of Blues Chicago, IL
04.01.11 McGuffy’s House of Rock Dayton, OH
04.02.11 The Machine Shop Flint, MI
04.03.11 Planet Live Music Battle Creek, MI
04.06.11 8 Seconds Saloon Indianapolis, IN
04.08.11 Piere’s Entertainment Center Fort Wayne, IN
04.09.11 Ground Zero Traverse City, MI
04.11.11 Three Southern Belle N Charleston, SC
04.13.11 Roxy’s West Palm Beach, FL
04.14.11 Brewster’s Jacksonville, FL
04.15.11 The State Theatre St. Petersburg, FL
04.16.11 Tinker Field Orlando, FL
04.17.11 Capt’n Fun Beach Club Pensacola, FL
04.23.11 KUPD’s Annual “UFEST” Mesa, AZ
04.28.11 Rock N Rodeo Denton, TX
05.01.11 Tom Lee Park/Beale Street Festival Memphis, TN
05.27.11 Rocklahoma St. Louis, MO

These all-American anthemic rockers are only getting stronger by the song though, persevering with each riff. Raise your hands if you feel like I do – Like we do – Like we all do!—Rick Florino