“American Ghost Hunter” Film Kicks Off Summer Tour on West Coast

Article by Suzanne Philips

photo copyright Chad Calek/AGH

A recent Gallup survey reveals that three in four Americans believe in the paranormal.  Look at television shows such as “Ghost Hunters”, “Ghost Adventures”, “Paranormal State” and films such as PARANORMAL ACTIVITY and INSIDIOUS.  They all have huge fan bases and have become among the most profitable ventures of all time.  Viewers have been inspired to try their hand at investigating and discussing with friends and family their own paranormal encounters.

In a new full length documentary film, AMERICAN GHOST HUNTER, Executive Producers Chad Calek and Ryan Buell (“Paranormal State”) seek to take viewers into a much deeper investigation of events  in a small Iowa town in which Calek’s family moved when he was 12.  Shot over the course of 20 years and presenting the most compelling and horrific ghost evidence ever captured on film, AMERICAN GHOST HUNTER promises to deliver “a powerful, emotional and shocking documentary unlike anything you’ve ever seen,” says Buell.

To get the movie out to the public, Calek and Buell decided to take the film on a sort of “grass roots” tour.  Starting on June 2nd in Long Beach, California, the producers and cast of this film are hitting the road for a month-long trek across the U.S.  They will hit 16 cities on the first leg of the tour with stops in Long Beach, Las Vegas, Phoenix, Chicago, Texas and Florida. Each stop will feature a five hour “paranormal event” that concludes with the screening of AMERICAN GHOST HUNTER and a Q&A with the entire cast. Each of the venues will feature meet and greet opportunities, evidence presentations, and more.  But most important to Calek, is the fact that their are only 100 tickets available at each tour stop. It’s a unique opportunity to bring the film to the audience and get an immediate reaction.  Fans will feel like they are a part of the experience, not just an observer.  Tickets for the Long Beach Kick-Off on June 2nd are already sold out and only a handful of tickets remain for the Las Vegas event on June 3rd.  

To purchase tickets or find out more about this incredible project, check out www.aghthemovie.com.   On the film’s website, visitors can also ask that the film be brought to their town for a screening.  Stay tuned to CFM for a review of the film and the Las Vegas Event!

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