AMERICAN GHOST HUNTER Takes Over The Reportedly Haunted Las Vegas Flamingo Hotel for 5 Hour Paranormal Event

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Stars Chad Calek and Ryan Buell from the hit show “Paranormal State” convened in an unassuming ballroom at the Las Vegas Flamingo Hotel and Casino for a night-long stop of the first leg of their tour to promote and screen their latest documentary, AMERICAN GHOST HUNTER. 

 The Las Vegas Hilton has long had reporting’s of hauntings, and the ghost of Benjamin “Bugsy” Siegel is often reported around the hotel and its grounds.  What better place to host this unique “ghost” experience?

 The evening began with a meet and greet experience where attendees could get photos and autographs with the stars and meet some of the other members of their respective paranormal teams.  Members of Chad’s American Ghost Hunter team Joe, Justin and Mary Beth and Ryan’s PRS team member Sergey were all on hand to greet fans.  All of them were of paramount importance to the making of this project and attendees got to know them all better throughout the course of the evening. 


On this cross-country tour, one of Calek and Buell’s main goals is to keep these events intimate enough for fans to feel the appreciation that they both share for everyone that has supported them.  “This film demands real conversation and intimacy to share ideas and thoughts.  I want to connect with my fans and supporters in an intimate fashion that expresses how much I care about them and how valuable their time is to me”, says Calek.


The program began with Calek running an hour long presentation of some of the most compelling evidence that his team has come across over the years.  It was an in-depth perspective that most people never get to experience.  Guests were able to ask questions on the evidence presented and gained insight into different aspects of paranormal investigating.  With the recent interest in people trying their hand at ghost hunting, this was invaluable and priceless information.

 The second program featured “Paranormal State” star Ryan Buell presenting and explaining some evidence from cases that his PRS group has investigated, including some that were prior to the show being on the air.  Buell also added his own tips for those seeking to do their own paranormal investigations. 


Prior to the screening of AMERICAN GHOST HUNTER, Calek and Buell gave a short talk about why they chose to make this documentary film.  While the A&E Network, which produced “Paranormal State”, offered to buy the documentary and back it, both men felt that taking the documentary and turning it into 2 “Paranormal State” episodes was selling the story short.  Calek has been dealing with this activity since he was 12 years old and his family moved to Iowa. His family was plagued with escalating paranormal activity including his mother’s bouts of possession.  Turning that experience into a 40 plus minute television show really didn’t interest him.  He would have to give up control and would ultimately have no say in how his story was told.  Buell agreed and the two decided to produce and distribute the film on their own terms.  And it is working. 

 After the screening, a stunned and visibly moved audience was able to ask questions of the producers and share their feelings about the documentary.  Buell says he wanted to “make the entire movie-going experience an ‘event’, rather than just purchasing tickets, seeing your film and being rushed out of the theatre for the next group standing in line.

 AMERICAN GHOST HUNTER – The Tour is definitely a one of a kind experience and one that should not be missed by anyone who is interested in paranormal investigating or just those who want to see a really well made documentary film with a compelling story.  The tour will hit 41 cities in the U.S. with stops in New Orleans, Phoenix, San Antonio and Los Angeles as well as a planned European and Australian tour in the future.  Tickets and more information can be found on

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