Doctor/River Song Love Story Fan Videos – Doctor Who Afternoon Delight

Complete self-indulgence! I have spent the afternoon watching amazing videos by River/Doctor fans. Matt Smith and Alex Kingston are so fun to watch (with a smattering of David Tennant).

How could you not love a love story like this one? River  jumps from a spaceship or throw herself off the side of a building confident he will be there to catch her. You hurt the Doctor and she will kick you ass. This storyline is pure crack for women.

Because that kiss just wasn’t long enough.

. Fixed that!  This is an remake of the clip.

Doctor Who’s Matt Smith Promises More River And The Doctor! Interview Video

Haven’t Met You Yet

Kick Ass Doctor Who Trailer For Fall 2011 Series! More River and The Doctor Woo Hoo!

“I’d Lie For You And That’s The Truth”

This is not very good clip editing but the song certainly says it all..

Wherever You Will Go

“never thought we’d have a last kiss…”

One more  to break your heart.

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