“Ghost Adventures” Stars Take Over Comic Con – Part Deux

Article and photos by Suzanne Philips

Zak Bagans

The stars of the Travel Channel show “Ghost Adventures” were busy guys the week of the 2011 Comic Con in San Diego.  After doing one of their lockdown investigations and hosting an over the top autograph session on Friday, they decided to come back for more on Saturday!

“GHOST ADVENTURES” Finds Fans New And Old At 2011 Comic Con  Part 1

The Ghost Adventures Crew

The Comic Con staff seemed more relaxed on Saturday, as they had been through the insanity of a “Ghost Adventures” event on Friday and were able to go with the flow a little more readily.

Aaron Goodwin

Again, fans lined up for hours in advance and the lines were five-deep of fans waiting for their chance to talk to arguably some of the most fun paranormal investigators out there. People had hand-made shirts and buttons and the lines were made up of fans from the very young to the older but still acting very young.

Nick Groff

Zak, Nick and Aaron seemed excited to meet all of their fans and even went so far as to give the security folks a hard time as they were trying to rush the line along.  The Ghost Adventures Crew clearly was putting their fans first and didn’t much care what the staff wanted!

The success of the first two days prompted them to add a third signing on Sunday, the final day of the con.

New episodes of “Ghost Adventures” begin airing on the Travel Channel in September.  Check your local listings for details.

Author: Suzanne Philips
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