Is Doctor Who’s Matt Smith Gay? Daisy Lowe’s Playboy Photos Answer That Question!

Doctor Who, Matt Smith, Daisy Lowe
Doctor Who, Matt Smith, Daisy Lowe
The incredibility beautiful super model Daisy Lowe. Princess Daisy is breaking the hearts of Doctor Who fans everywhere by capturing Eleven’s heart.

It was quite frankly humorous  when   the   inevitable, “Is he gay?”  question for Doctor Who‘s Matt  Smith turned up in Doctor Who discussions.   If  you are a  male  actor, you know  your career is going  well when ” gay”  speculation starts.

Judging by these photos, gay or straight Matt Smith is hitting way out of our league! Mere mortals can only sigh and love him from afar.

Daisy Lowe – Girlfriend of Doctor Who’s Matt Smith – Replaces Christina Aguilera

Daisy Lowe Playboy Photo Shoot

The   Mirror   UK   reports   that   “Lowe   and   behold,”   Daisy Lowe is  posing  for some sultry lingerie and nude photos for  an  up coming  Playboy spread.

Doctor Who’s Matt Smith Stonewall Award Nomination Sensuous Role As Gay Writer – Video

Daisy Lowe looking amazing  in  the  photos, describes her work  at  Playboy  as  “freeing”  –  and  loved  doing  the  shoot.

I’m   really   proud   of   being   the   poster   girl   for   curves,   I’m   proud   of   my   shape.   We   need   to   have   real   characters   that   women   can   relate   to   and   look   up   to.

If being a super model and Matt Smith girlfriend isn’t enough to make you hate her read on:
Lowe is a rock ‘n’ roll royalty.  Princess Daisy  insists her  life  is  “pretty   boring”  despite her  heritage.
Her mother is rock  chick  Pearl  Lowe (Powder).
Her  father is  Bush front man Gavin Rossdale.
Her step mother is Gwen  Stefani.
Her step father is  Supergrass‘ s  Danny Goffey.

The Companions of Doctor Who Current To River Song As Melody Pond

Moving  in  with  the  current Doctor,  Matt  Smith from the  Doctor Who series 6, has not changed her lifestyle. Princess Daisy says she  is  usually  in bed by midnight. (Well, she is getting in bed with Matt Smith.)

“I  guess  you  can’t  deny  my rock ‘n’ roll heritage, both my parents or all  four of  them have done well  in the   music   scene.”

Referring to her mother’s former heroin addiction she both kind and philosophical,

“But   when   it   comes   to   drugs   I   just   think,   Cool, thanks for learning  that lesson for me, Mum,  because  I  don t  want to learn that  stuff  myself.  People  think   “rock chick”  is code for parties hard  but  I don t.”

Sexy Adorable Matt Smith Playing ‘Doctor Who’ Video Game

More  Photos Here

More about Princess Daisy (Daisy Lowe):

Daisy   Rebecca   Lowe (born   27   January   1989)   is   an   English   fashion   model   who   has   modeled   for   editorial   photo   shoots   and   commercial   advertising   campaigns   and   has   worked   as   a   runway   model.
Lowe  began modelling  at the age  of  two,  and did  some   photo shoots   when   she   was   12   and   14   years   old.   At   15   she   was   approached   by   a   talent   scout   in   Camden  Town. Daisy Lowe is  signed  with  Select,  a   London  modelling  agency.   Source for Daisy Lowe‘s biography.

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